Why Do You Need Web Hosting?
What is web hosting? Web hosting is the machine or the server that powers your web site. The site that you see on the Internet is just a window that shows you what sort of information is inside a site. The web hosting companies serve as the house that stores all of the data, all of the applications, whether or not you can access your data easily etc.
You need web hosting because they are the ones that serve up the information from photos to text to multimedia content. You need them to be easily accessible and above all, reliable.
iPage is one of the most affordable web hosting packages that you can see online today.
InMotionis one of the few hosting companies that caters to an extremely wide range of customers –from the beginners to enterprise level customers.
In search for the web hosting provider that you can trust with your web content can be a long and arduous process. You need to think about their affordability.
There is a surge of green hosting companies these days and FatCow is one of them. Get to know what goes in every FatCow package, how much will it cost you.
Don’t be swayed by promises of perpetual up times and money back guarantees. Get to know your potential web host because chances are.
There are so many web hosts out there to choose from and we are helping you with that process with this BlueHost review.
Before you sign up with the first hosting company that you see in Google, think about the real perks it can deliver to your service.
Most of us know GoDaddy as the place to buy your domains, then once you get the domains, you head off to your preferred hosting company.
What To Look For in a Web Hosting Partner?
No matter how varied the web hosting packages are these days, there are a few key things that remain constant. You need to be able to depend on them to give you the images and data when you need it. This means that the server must be up (or available) at nearly all times and this is when the uptime guarantee becomes a huge factor.
Features That Matter
Most web hosting sites give you a very long list of features that they support but it is important for you to know which features matter to your site the most. Here are some of the most basic features that your provider MUST have:
One-click installation of scripts and add-ons.
This makes it super easy for you to add more widgets or tools such as WordPress into your site. This is convenient for both novice users and expert web administrators.
Email functionality must be supported.
You may not need unlimited email accounts but security features and anti-spam mechanisms are great must-haves.
An integrated control panel.
No matter who made the control panel, is another must have. How can you easily adjust your server settings, view your email configurations or add a domain if you do not have a control panel? Think of it as your dashboard.
Other features that you need are scripts libraries, custom cron jobs (for automated jobs that you do not need to manually set up each time), FTP access, SSH access and access to raw logs so that you can get to the very bottom of things when you are troubleshooting your site.

Statistics that give you information about server performance, down times (if any) and other information are great to have in your suite, too.
Total Hosting Package.
Consider the total hosting package – how much does it cost? How much data storage will be given to you? Are the freebies really freebies? How much will the package cost you in a year? How about if you renew, will the fees balloon?

These are simple questions that you must ask yourself before you sign up with any web hosting partner. Think about the value that the package will give you each month and if it comfortably fits your budget.
How Easy It Is To Use?
Another very important thing to consider is the ease of use of the service. Is the control panel easy to understand? What if you turn over your access to someone else for a while – will they be able to take on the task?

Easy to use and understand web site building tools are a huge advantage, since this will help you build your site and have it up in just a few minutes. Go for drag and drop type of tools for the easiest time.
Technical Support – Very Important!
One very important thing to think about is the speed and reliability of the technical support staff. Without a doubt you will encounter problems such as faulty connections, how to install WordPress, how to access the site via SSH, how to transfer huge files via FTP etc.

The knowledge of the staff is important but it is also crucial that they can be reached at any time and can respond within minutes, especially in terms of checking for site connection. If your site temporarily goes down, you need to be able to tell your visitors WHEN you will be back up.
"The right web hosting partner can make or break your web business. It is the backbone of every fantastic web site up and running right now. Do not take the choice lightly and study your options very well because chances are, you will be “stuck” with them for at least the next 12 months."