10 Free and Premium WordPress Notification Plugins

10 Free and Premium WordPress Notification Plugins

Do you want to display notifications for promoting sales or special offers on your site? If so, then you’ve come to the perfect place. Here, we have a collection of some of the best WordPress notification bar plugins to help you quickly and easily add an attention-grabbing notification bar on your site.

These plugins are a great way to display your latest updates and promotions. You can easily set up and display your messages exactly where you want. So here are 10 free and premium WordPress notification plugins you should know.




FireBar is a premium WordPress notification plugin that will help boost sales, email signups, and social engagement by up to 50%. These nicely crafted and subtle notification bars will drive your visitors to specific pages and content for greater conversion.




This WordPress plugin is used for adding nice-looking notification bars to your website. Some of its key features include unlimited Foobars, different Foobars per page, social profiles, display latest tweets, RSS feed integration, and inline admin demos, among others. The bars are fully customizable and are built using WordPress best practices.


Wp Header Bar


Wp Header Bar is a simple yet beautiful and highly customizable responsive premium notification plugin that displays on top of your targeted pages to help drive traffic to a specific location on your website. You can use it as a call-to-action to read your latest blog post, subscribe to your newsletter, take advantage of special pricing, and more.


WordPress Notification Bar


This free WordPress notification plugin is simple and easy to use and set up, and would also make a good call-to-action. Some of its features and options include custom message and call-to-action button, sticky notification bar, different color schemes to match your site, and multi-site support, just to name a few.


Notification Bar Plugin


Notification Bar Plugin is a premium WordPress plugin that lets you add a cool notification bar to your site. It gives you an additional extended message feature that you can control by settings in the backend.


DW Promobar


This clean and simple free WordPress plugin allows you to add a promotion and message bar on top of your site. With just a few simple steps, you can display a meaningful or catchy message for your promotion. You can even have a countdown clock. All of these features – and more – can be configured in the admin panel. You have complete control over the entire notification bar, from the message and countdown timer, to text and link colors.


WPFront Notification Bar


WPFront Notification Bar lets you display your latest promos or news. With it, you can display a message with a button, open a URL or execute JavaScript, position the bar on top or at the bottom of your page, set to sticky bar, display a scroll option, set any height you want, set a number of seconds before the bar appears, customize the colors, display a reopen button, select pages/posts to display the bar, set start and end dates, and more.



This premium WordPress notification plugin will immediately grab your visitors’ attention. With it, you can create any number of header or footer bars. It’s highly customizable.




BugMeBar allows you to add an attention-grabbing message on top of your page which a user can dismiss. You can use a cookie if you like so that the notification bar can stay hidden once the user has clicked the Close button.

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