Any WebHostingHub Hosting Promotion/Discounts?

topimgdiscount sale tag iconSaving a dollar here and there, when computed in the long run, can mean significant savings for your company. It may not look big now but those savings, when invested elsewhere, can really boost the performance of your site and in the future, put you several steps ahead of your competitor. This is why choosing the right hosting package is a huge step in the right direction, if done correctly.Of course, you should not just sign up for something simply because you want the discounts. Think of discounts this way – they should be the icing on your already fabulous cake. Before we discuss WHERE you can save, let’s remind ourselves.what are the top 5 components of a really good hosting package:

    • server hosting database iconReliable servers. Guaranteed uptime must be above 99.9% (99.95% or even 99.99%) regardless if you are just a small website or an enterprise solution.
    • bandwidth iconData and bandwidth allocation that comfortably takes care of your needs. Can be unlimited but can be also a limited but huge amount. This really depends on your needs as a website.
    • customer support iconEffective and fast customer support. Email, chat and phone support are important in helping you troubleshoot your settings.
    • back upSupport for popular CMS tools like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and Magento.
    • money back icon dollarAnd lastly, money back guarantees. You need that shield in case you are not happy, that you can get your investment easily.

three common promotions or discounts for hosting packages

blue tag sale discount couponWhat are the most typical promotions that you can see in a hosting package? There are thousands of web hosts out there, some with very affordable packages while others are a bit more expensive. It can be overwhelming to go over all of their details so we have summarized the three most common areas where you can save money (and potentially, lots of it):

  • Discounted monthly payments (your total hosting package divided by the total number of months of your contract)
  • Free access to otherwise licensed or paid tools
  • Free credits to otherwise expensive channels like Facebook or Google

save money with your monthly payments

packageWeb hosting packages usually cost around $7 to $10 per month. If you are staying with the hosting package for 24 months, that is around $240. Looks a bit daunting, especially for those who are just starting out. With a bit of research, you can get a dollar or two for every month that you signed up with them.

Like with WebHostingHub, you can get their hosting package for just $4.99 per month. Multiply that by 24 months, then you only need to shell out $119.76. That’s half of the initial budget we discussed earlier.

globe with pageThat is already big savings for ONE ACCOUNT. Most web owners have multiple pages and multiple online businesses. So imagine if you can save $119.76 for one, well, you can already do the math. So keep your eye out for special offers regarding discounted monthly payments.

save money by using free online tools for website creation

piggy-bank-iconAnother big way to save money (sometimes also hundreds of dollars) is to NOT buy licensed software for web creation but instead, look for hosting packages that offer a website creation suite for free. You can also save money from hiring web developers (which can cost you thousands of dollars) because these website creation tools are super easy to use and understand, that you yourself can build your own website. For free. No kidding.

Some examples on what you can do with these drag and drop tools are:

  •  Create your own menu for your page controls
  •  Create your own photo gallery for your product shots
  •  Include a contact us page with a Google Map insert for easy location
  •  Insert your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts via logo buttons for social media sharing.

saving money by getting free marketing credits for your site

Lastly, you can save a huge chunk of money when you are ready to market your site. Marketing credits such as:

  •  $75 worth of ad credits from Bing and Yahoo
  •  $100 worth of credits for Google Adwords

That is already $175 of savings plus you get to market your product for free. We all know that getting to critical mass at the fastest possible time is a recipe for a successful business and these ad credits will help you get there faster.

tag iconThe discounts and promotions that we discussed above should help you push your website in the right direction. Remember that before you even consider the discounts, think about the existing perks of the hosting package minus the promotions so that you can read it and understand it with an objective mind.

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