Can I Build a Good Site With iPage?

So, iPage seems to be a popular web hosting choice.

But can you build a good site with iPage?

Well, yes and no…

If you’re using WordPress, then yes, sure.

If you want to use their drag-and-drop website builder, then not so much.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • iPage gives you a basic version of the popular Weebly website builder.
  • If you want the most up-to-date full-featured version, you’ll need to pay an extra monthly fee.
  • The templates are somewhat dated-looking, like they were all made years ago.
  • The interface is a bit clunky, and just isn’t what I’d expect from a site builder in 2015.

You see, when you’re making your site with a website builder, it’s really important that the platform and tools are kept up-to-date with current web design and user experience trends.

It should also give you integrations with other services you might need like email marketing services, CRMs, and of course social networks and more.

With those needs in mind, I can recommend an excellent web host for you:

Your Recommended Site Builder Solution…

I recommend for their terrific website builder. Check out this video below to see how it works:

Even better, eHost offers a monthly payment option. So for just a few bucks a month, you can get your website up and running, on a great platform backed by a reliable company with great customer service.

Oh, and they also offer a 45-day money-back guarantee with no weird rules and no hidden fees.

So before you pay for a year or more up front with iPage, I highly recommend you click here to check out eHost and give it a try.

General Guide To Website Builders

skills_icon2Building a good site will depend on many factors. First is your skill. Your creativity will limit the things you can do on your website. Second are your available resources. These are web elements you can use like images, textures and templates. Third is your web builder. Stunning websites are designed with the best website builders. Here let’s discuss whether you can achieve all these with iPage.

Website Building Blocks title

adobe products blocksWebsite builders are basically software applications designed for creating and publishing web pages. This software is designed for beginners who have little or no knowledge at all when it comes to web programming. This is because website builders will not even require you to touch the source codes of a webpage. With simple mouse operations like click, drag, and drop, you can already create professional-looking websites with exquisite contents in no time.

Microsoft Office PowerPointIf you’ve already tried creating a slideshow using Microsoft’s PowerPoint, you will see that the procedures are similar. First, you select a template that matches the theme of your website. Website builders have hundreds of pre-made templates/themes you can choose from. Then you add elements on the web page like buttons, pictures, tables, and textboxes. You can do this by simply dragging the element from the design panel and dropping them where you want them to be placed. Hence, they were given the “drag & drop” title.


iPage bag

If you are familiar with web hosting, then you already know what iPage is. iPage is a web host which is usually found on the list of top 10 web hosting providers published by several web hosting review websites. And in some of them, iPage even sits on the top spot for quality web hosting service.

iPage has existed for decades and has hosted millions of websites to date, and thousands more are created each day. iPage also receives excellent feedbacks from its users and scores high ratings from thousands of customers.

Building Websites with iPage title


iPage users will find it much easier to develop their websites using iPage’s free website builder. Whether you are a professional web developer or just a newbie interested in learning, you will find website builders as essential tools. At present, iPage uses one of the most popular website builder applications so far called Weebly Drag & Drop Website Builder.

Since it is accessible directly through iPage, users don’t need to go through the trouble of downloading the application from Weebly’s official site, uploading it to their hosting account and installing the application. iPage users can use Weebly’s website building platform right away. Since it’s free, users also need not pay additional costs to use this add-on application.

The Weebly Site Builder title

Weebly actually exists as a free web hosting provider, just like iPage. However, its powerful drag and drop website builder was made proprietary thereby allowing it to “rent” out its site building capabilities to other web hosts, such as iPage. It boasts itself as the one of the best site builder applications on the market and even displays samples of professionally-looking websites designed with Weebly on their homepage. They want to show the world how easy it is to create websites using Weebly.


Users must note however that the Weebly site builder is an online application, meaning it can only be used if you are connected to the internet. In iPage, you can directly access it after logging in your hosting account. One big advantage of this feature over ordinary standalone web development software applications is its ability to create and make changes on a webpage without need of uploading files through FTP. This means that you can edit your website in real-time, and update the changes without your site having to go through downtime. This allows you to experience simple yet fast web development.

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    I use weebly through ipage and love it.

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