Can i cancel Webhostinghub anytime?

WebhostingHub offers great package deals and other extras such as applications and tools but the company also makes it a point to develop a good rapport with its clients by not restricting them from withdrawing once they decide to do so.

The webhosting company has features such as:

    • domain iconFree domain name or web address for your website
    • bandwidth iconUnlimited bandwidth or traffic for your website that is measured in bytes
    • other functionsss310+ free applications and builders such as wordpress, Drupal, Concrete5, Joomla and platforms from eCommerce like OpenCart and Prestashop.
    • 200 credits200$ credits for marketing and advertising all for free
    • web hosting plan package serverUnlimited disk space or data capacity that your account and websites can handle.
    • blog iconIt has a fascinating blog.
    • dollar coin3.10$ monthly
    • my sql add table server hosting databaseUnlimited MY SQL database that encrypts your emails.
    • domain browser icon webhosting hubHosts unlimited websites you have
    • pop email account with domainUnlimited email accounts and FTP accounts
    • securityEmails are protected from spam for the company also launches spam filter for your account
    • mobile phone with globe dimainYou can access your account using your iPhone or iPad
    • awesome package with thumbs upYou can create your website directly as accompanied by the webshosting package you choose
    • money iconApart from all those features, what seems to set WebHostingHub distinct from the rest is the investment they put on the company’s relationship with its client.
    • Process-AcceptOn boarding process

As soon as you signed up in a webhosting plan, immediately, you’ll be given assistance by the WebhostingHub Team through its process of on boarding. You’ll be contacted by the one of the company’s personnel who will be very willing to help you run your website efficiently and is open to any questions you have about webhosting.

user icon supportBut more than that, the company’s personnel will be a friend to help you grasp the whole process of webhosting your website and help you go through the weights of running your own websites. Their quick response is assured.
  • Money Reimbursement
  • There is a warranty of money reimbursement at the moment that you choose to withdraw from letting the WebhostingHub to webhost your website at the start of your contract. If you used to pay through credit cards then your account information will be removed from the company’s database if you opt not to renew your account.
  • Technical Support

The support team of the WebhostingHub, although from overseas in United States, offers technical support day and night if ever you contact them. You are also provided with the backup wizard to guide you. Thus, WebhostingHub gives you the right to cancel your account with the company.

webhosting hub support iconThe support team of WebhostingHub, on the other hand, is ready to listen to your reasons or dissatisfaction with the service. Your comments will help the company to improve their service better. You can cancel your account with the WebhostingHub anytime. Although it is somehow a lost in the company, the WebhostingHub can still gain something back from the clients’ comments that will serve as constructive criticisms on their part.

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