Can I Pay WebHostingHub with PayPal?

top imgWhen on the lookout for server icon database with money iconthe best possible web hosting company for your business, you might easily be lured by low, cost effective prices plastered at the very front of a web hos company’s website. These prices displayed are their first step in bringing you towards their site, now that you’re there you get enticed by the features, bonuses, and freebies and might even forget all about what that price is.

what should i look out for before deciding on a web host

    • payment termsTerms of payment – most web hosting companies accept payment on yearly terms; this includes WebHostingHub turning that enticing $4.99 a month, to a one-time payment plus additional charges.
    • credit card payment methodPayment method – this is an important factor to be taken in to consideration when choosing a web host. What will you be using to make payments? A debit card, a credit card,or a payment gateway like PayPal, you need to make sure they accept what you will be using else risk wasting your time.
    • money back guarantee wallet coin iconMoney back guarantee – This needs to be considered just in case you aren’t happy with a web hosts services and opt to have your money back.
    • thumbsMissed payments – how does a web host react to missed payments? WebHostingHub does not immediately remove a website when payment is missed. After a few days, however, users may lose access to the server and begin to have their files removed.

medal icon award ribbonWith the promise of over 310 free applications, project management, e-commerce, blogs, and forums, WebHostingHub is still a great deal even with the all in yearly fees. And if you are completely decided on going with WebHostingHub as your web host of choice then begin by knowing for sure what payment methods they accept.

what payment methods are accepted by WebHostingHub

  • PayPal – with the security that comes with it, PayPal always proves to be the most popular choice. It provides users with the freedom of using the card of their choice with the known security of the receiver not being able to see any account details directly.
  • PayPal is the only payment gateway accepted by WebHostingHub, though they offer gateway access for their user’s websites such as, they will only accept payments for web hosting provision through this particular gateway.
  • Major Credit Cards – For a more direct approach, WebHostingHub will also accepts all major credit cards.
  • Visa, MasterCard, and American Express to name a few.
  • E-commerce – For direct payments with electronic online transactions, WebHostingHub also offers a list of accepted E-commerce companies.
  • Open Cart 1.5, Presta Shop 1.4, Presta Shop 1.5, osCommerce, VirtueMart, and Zen Cart.

Whether or not a payment method is direct, what matters the most is account security which can be achieved through the reputability of PayPal. So, besides the yearly fee, will there be any other charges?

additional charges by webhostinghub

    • domain registration Domain registration – Finding a domain name is the very first step in creating your own website and competition for a good domain name can sometimes be fierce what with so many name similarities and misleads circulating around the Web. WebHostingHub gives you a comprehensive search, comparison, and domain name registration for $14.99 a year.
    • domain privacy Domain Privacy – This is an optional feature at an additional $9.99 a year. Not often considered as an option as most users go for popularity rather than privacy.

These additional charges for WebHostingHub can also be paid for with their listed payment methods, including the option of using your PayPal account.

what else can paypal be  used for on WebHostingHub

  • Billing renewal – following the simple instructions provided by WebHostingHub, a user can go to the billing section and click on ‘My Subscriptions’ which will link to renewal processing under which PayPal will be seen as an option. WebHostingHub then instructs you to click on ‘Submit’ and you’re ready to go for another year.
  • Changing Host Plans – Going for a new plan? No matter which you choose out of WebHostingHub’s three available plans, PayPal will still be involved as each plan comes at a different price: Spark at $107.88, Nitro at $155.88, and Dynamo at 239.88. All you need to do is go to the AMP homepage, go to the ‘change hosting plan’ option which will link you to a choice of the three mentioned and then link you to PayPal afterwards.

Choosing a Web Host with payment methods through reliable and trusted means will always be the best way to go.

gears iconHave peace of mind by knowing that your money is in good hands through methods tried, tested, and proven for their efficiency and credibility. WebHostingHub has an equally good reputation when it comes to Web Hosting as PayPal does when it comes to handling your accounts and finances. These two in synchronicity is just success waiting to happen.

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