Can I Start A Blog With iPage?


Blogging is at its peak these days. Many of today’s top bloggers started with a topic of their passion then started typing their thoughts and opinions into a website. some dont even have a very stylish layout or glamorous photos but these are balanced off with quality content and constant, addictive updates.


Now bloggers earn if not hundreds, thousands of dollars through paid posts and ads included in their pages. From paid clicks to paid impressions, having a blog can eventually be your livelihood.

You just have to have access to good content that you can constantly improve and update. We have some tips for you if you are planning to explore this field of writing and creativity.


Every successful blog starts with a topic that you feel passionate about. you aim to capture the attention of your readers on a daily basis you should never run out of content to post. So to start here are some guide questions to help you shape your blog’s beginning:

checkWhat do you want to write about?
checkWhere will you get most of your content?
checkCan you take photos on your own?
checkHow often do you plan to update your pages?
checkAre you going to update this site on your own?

These are just a few questions that can help you find direction in your blogging site. It is easy to write down a bazillion ideas on what sections you will have for your blog, what your first couple of posts will be but the important thing is to fine tune your ideas, focus on the big concepts and then figure out how you will be implementing these.

Start by making content good for at least two weeks and try to get the most high quality photos that you can get to capture the attention of your readers. Make sure when you launch that you have your social media links in Twitter and Facebook so that your readers can easily share your content to their friends.


To start your own blog, you will need the following things from iPage:

icon1A hosting account. Even though they are “just” doing shared hosting services, this is more than enough to support your blog. You get unlimited storage, unlimited email accounts, support for WordPress and website building templates

icon2An admin panel or dashboard for your account where you will upload your CMS or content management kit, usually WordPress, Drupal or Joomla

icon3A domain, which is given for free for a year, so that you have your own .com for your blog

icon4Search engine marketing credits from Google, Facebook and even Bing to help you launch your site

These are just the basics that will help you launch your blog. A lot of it depends on your content but at least from the technical side, you can depend on iPage for that. All for under $2 per month.



Not really. You can survive with just your hosting account since WordPress blog templates can be used for free. There are paid-for templates but there are lots of good options available for free.


Here are some more features that you might want to consider using in your blog:

checkA sleek gallery display for your photos
checkAdvance search mechanism for sifting through old posts
checkSocial media plugins like a link to the Facebook site, display of your Twitter feeds etc.

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