Can I Transfer My Site Away from iPage?

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More About iPage And How To Transfer:

iPage website transferA few days after you sign up, you may realize that your web host does not meet your needs or you are just plainly dissatisfied with their service.

You may always cancel your registration with them and take advantage of their money-back guarantee.

The problem exists when you already have a good site with a good reputation on the web that you want to preserve.

In this case, your best option is to transfer your site away from that web host. Here, we will discuss what you can do to transfer your site away from iPage.

You may transfer your site away from iPage title

guarantees01The first thing you need to know is that it is possible. You may transfer your iPage-hosted site to another web host and iPage will not do anything to stop you from doing so. You need not worry about iPagerestricting access to your files or database for download or even deleting them. Also note that iPage has a money-back guarantee that may be invoked within a certain interval. So take advantage of this feature before completely scraping off your site from the web.

What should I do title

iPage website simple transfer

Now you know that you can transfer your site away from iPage, the next question is – how? There are actually two (2) ways to do this. First, you may simply transfer your domain name away from iPage to another web hosting provider or domain registrar while keeping all your files with iPage.Or second, you may choose to transfer your entire website, meaning all the files and databases stored on iPage’s storage, and relocate them to the storage of your new web hosting provider.

The first option involves simple online configuration on your old and new web hosting account; while the latter is a hard and long process since you need to download, upload and reconfigure your website.

Simple Domain Transfer title

The process for transferring domains usually involves the same steps in most web hosting providers. For iPage, these specific instructions will guide you to transferring your domain away from your iPage hosting account.

unlock your domain nameUnlock your domain name – To transfer your domain, you need to unlock it first. Domain names are regularly locked by domain registrars upon registration. This is to avoid unauthorized transfer of domain names, by accident or otherwise. In your iPage hosting account by going to your admin control panel and opening the “DomainCentral” icon. Just click on the domain you wish to transfer and click Unlock.

keys-iconGet a Transfer Authorization Code – Next, you need to obtain a transfer authorization code, also known as Transfer keys or EEPs. These codes are required by most domain registrars to allow transfers of domain names and to confirm the user’s intent to transfer. The process of getting Transfer Authorization Codes depends on your domain registrar. It is usually displayed in your account or needs to be emailed to you upon request. There is a helpful table online called the “Knowledgebase” from which you can learn the instructions on how to obtain transfer authorization codes from each domain registrar including iPage.

ftpTransfer the Domain to your New Hosting Account – After unlocking your domain and getting your transfer authorization code, you can now add your old domain to your new web host or domain registrar. The procedure now depends on your new web host but it will basically require you to key in the name of your domain and the transfer authorization key. To complete the transfer, you need to wait for an email containing the instructions to confirm and finalize the domain transfer. If the transfer is successful, you will now find in your new web hosting account the transferred domain name.

Transferring your entire site title

iPage whole website transfer

This type of migration entails the arduous task of transferring all your files and databases to another web host. Unfortunately, like all other web hosts, iPage does not support the automatic transfer of websites and their contents to another web host. You need to do this manually by downloading all your files and databases in your iPage hosting account via FTP, uploading them to your new web host, and configuring your hosting account and new website to that of the old. This usually takes a lot of time depending on the volume of files and the skill of your webmaster.


  1. laval December 16, 2015 at 8:47 pm - Reply

    thanx 4 the info. wish there was a service, for hire, to handle such migrations, 4 non techies.

  2. Mudassar Saleem January 28, 2015 at 2:00 pm - Reply

    I have transferred my domain from iPage to Godaddy. but when I open my website, the domain still directs to iPage hosting. But I should direct to the new hosting (Godaddy Hosting). What should Ido ? I have to delete domain from my iPage account or not?

  3. Phil Sanko December 21, 2013 at 5:22 pm - Reply

    Thank you very much for this explanation! I have a client who was not happy with iPage and I’m transferring his domain to GoDaddy in order to create a WordPress website. Any chance you know anything specific when it comes to transferring from iPage to Godaddy? Or is it pretty much the same process as you describe in this article?

    Thanks again,


  4. Stephen July 16, 2013 at 8:51 pm - Reply

    You can follow these step to transfer AWAY from iPage:

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