Does iPage Let You Own Your Site?

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What is iPage all about title

iPage is all about affordable shared hosting solutions for those who are just beginning to manage their own sites and even for experts managing hundreds of pages for a living. Shelling out less than $5 a month for a shared hosting solution is very cheap and if we are not mistaken, this is the cheapest option out there, short of using free hosting packages (but they will insert ads into your pages).


What else do you get with iPage title

What else do you get with iPage

    • Anytime Money-back Guarantee.
    • Support for WordPress.
    • Unlimited My SQL Databses.
    • Marketing Support like $50 Facebook ad credits, Google ad credits, and Free Yellow Pages Listing
    • Upgrade to Premium Security Suite (basic security already included in the site)
    • Free Use of Website Building Tools and Templates

This is a lot of big features included in every iPage package and as of this moment, this is the cheapest option out there for those who are both just starting out and those who are managing tons of accounts.

What is your property in your site title

What is your property in your sit

Your site is your property. Your content, your images, your applications, are all your responsibility. It is your job to:

    • Maintain an updated site. iPage will not update it for you.
    • Provide continuous flow of content.
    • Secure the copyrights for images in your site.
    • Inspect if your text content is original work and not plagiarized.
    • Ensure the appropriateness of ads that you host on your site.

In other words, all the stuff that goes in to your site are your responsibility and are all yours. If there are complaints towards your content, it is your job to address them, not iPage.

avenue_ghana_rentalsiPage just makes you RENT their servers, in a way, but all the transactions that come from your pages are all yours. This also means that iPage will not use any part of your site without your permission. This is not like Facebook where Facebook can lift images and content from your post for future use.

How about your domain title

domainYou own your domain, even if you buy it from iPage. iPage just helps transact the business but it is your name and your records that go with that transaction. When you decide to renew your domain, it is your responsibility. If you want to use a different domain, it is again, your call.

www dominoWhen you get the plan with the free domain registration, iPage shoulders the first year and therefore, they are the rightful owners of the domain for the first year. But come renewal time, it is your choice to make if you want to keep that domain or move on with something else.

Can I point more domains title

icon-domainYes, you can! You can use as many domains as you wish and yet point them to one page. This move increases your chances of getting more foot traffic to your pages. For example, can reached via,,, etc. The more similar domains you get and redirect to one page, the more chances of visitors stumbling on your site and therefore, increasing the daily traffic to your pages.

We all know that more traffic means more potential sales and more revenue from ads.

How do I transfer the contents  title

files trnasferThe easiest way to transfer content of one domain to another is to simply redirect your page to that URL. You can do this by:

    • Going to the web admin dashboard of your hosting account
    • Looking for the Domain redirection option
    • Enabling the redirect feature (usually this is just an on/off switch or toggle)
    • Then entering the correct URL where you want the domain to point to

There’s no need to contact a developer to do a simple redirect.

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