Does iPage Offer a Dedicated IP Address?

ip-iconIP Basics

The Internet Protocol (IP) is considered to be an individual address and therefore each computing device has its own unique address. This means that each computing device is compared to a city grid used by a virtual postman so that each individual house (domain) has its own unique address. Each of these houses has its own address and can be considered as a domain name. However there are some cases where an individual house is actually a condominium area and therefore technically, they share the same address.


Dedicated IP

There are some companies that dedicated IP address for their website but there are some that prefer otherwise. The reasons why companies want to have their dedicated IP address are listed below:

    • It allows visitors to directly access the website using the IP address.
    • It can access the website using FTP.
    • The website can still be accessed even if the domain name is not easily accessed.
    • Dedicated IPs have SSL protection.

dedicated ipsThe dedicated IP is an exclusive address given to a hosting account. The reason for this is that a hosting provider will issue one IP address to different and multiple websites since it is all serviced by one server. All of these websites are then sharing one hosting address and therefore they are only secondary owners of one IP address. The dedicated IP means that a single website has its own IP address which it does not share with other websites.


Advantages of a Dedicated IP

website trafficsThere are numerous advantages of having a dedicated IP. It allows the visitors to access the website using the dedicated IP address so that they do not have to wait long especially during a heavy traffic load. Another advantage is that if the domain name becomes unavailable using search engines then the website can be accessed using the file transfer protocol (FTP).

The main reason why companies prefer a dedicated IP is that it provides SSL protection for websites. Secure Sockets Layer is used to provide a higher level of protection to the website with regard to data encryption and identity authentication. This is normally seen on the left side of the website address as a shape of a padlock using green as its color.

https lockVisitors will be comforted with this padlock key on the website address since they know that data encryption and identity authentication are more secure than as compared to other websites. This is especially useful when your website is selling products and services that require sensitive information such as personal data and credit card information requirements.


iPage Dedicated IP and Dedicated SSL

iPage does offer a dedicated IP service together with dedicated SSL. But, you cannot access the site using the dedicated IP alone. The reason for this is that iPage needs to freely move the affected websites from one server to another especially when one server is currently having problems. If iPage allows your website to solely have a dedicated IP and the server that currently hosts your website is affected, then your website will also be down until the server is fixed. Even though iPage does not offer the Dedicated IP alone, it offers additional SSL protection with the dedicated IP that can be purchased on a later date and includes the following:

    • QuickSSL Premium certificate
    • Shared SSL
    • SSL certificates with extended validation

iPagePackageIconiPage has a lot of affordable packages that you can choose from. Depending on your budget, there is surely bound to be one hosting plan that you like best. You can also wait for iPage to have a markdown on their fees which happens every now and then.

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