Does iPage Offer SEO Services?


What is SEO?

SEO is the acronym for Search Engine Optimization. It refers to a process through which websites can increase their traffic by also increasing their rankings in search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo! Remember when you try to search something on Google? Once you initiate the search, a long list of results or matches are displayed, usually reaching thousands.These search results are arranged according to its relevance and SEO ranking.

Those appearing first or on top of this list have very high SEO rankings, and they are usually huge commercial websites like Amazon or Wikipedia. Now, if you own a website, the best way for people on the internet to reach your site is through these search engines (unless your site is too well-known already). If you have low SEO ranking, then your site will probably end up on the 100th list on the search results. And no person will reach that number when browsing on search results. Hence, SEO is very important to generate good traffic on your website.


SEO Factors

icon_seoThere are several factors when it comes to search engine optimization. But basically, a good SEO ranking can only be achieved by having good web contents like texts, images or videos. Here are some of the factors you need to give attention to for good SEO rankings:

Words on your site – If a keyword used in a search exactly matches the words on your website, then your website may probably appear with a high rank on the search results. Because of this, use words and sentences in a way that they will usually be entered in search engines.

Title of your site–The title of a website is determined by HTML source code. It is enclosed in the and HTML tags. Search engines give more attention to a website’s title since it is usually the summary of its contents. So also make sure that your title is catchy and search engine-friendly.

Links with other sites –Websites can link with each other.This is done by placing hyperlinks on keywords pointing to another website with content related to the said keywords. Link building techniques are done because the search engine’s algorithm also considers the number of links to a website to determine SEO ranking. Links from other websites work like a recommendation or referral from them. So if your site has many links, it tells the search engines that a lot of websites also suggest that they check your website.


SEO on iPage

seo1iPage also offers SEO services. As of writing, SEO services with iPage cost $99 per month. It is on sale with 30% discount from the regular price of $150. They offer a complete SEO package consisting of writing web contents, linking, and monthly reporting. iPage employs professional SEO copywriters who can create original and relevant content to make your site’s SEO ranking shoot up in just a few days.

seo4Note however that when you purchase iPage’s SEO services, you are also giving iPage and their team access to all your files and web contents. This means that you are agreeing to provide iPage with FTP access on your directory so they can upload files and make changes on your website without prior approval from you. This also means that you are authorizing iPage and their team to use your trademarks including logos, images, titles, ideas, and the like.

Some of the Search Engines supported AOL, Alta Vista, About, Google, All The Web, Excite, Hot Bot, Looksmart, MSN, Lycos, Yahoo [web pages only], and Netscape

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