Does iPage Offer Website Backup?

website backup 1Website owners who have spent multiple hours, money, and other resources to make their websites effective and efficient will need to make sure that their website contents are safe from viruses and other hackers. iPage offers their customers site Backups and Restoration services.


Backup Rates

iPage offers the backup features for only $12.95 per year as a promotional price for website owners during the first year.
The succeeding years will be at a renewal rate or regular rate of $16.95 per year. This is still more affordable than other hosting providers.


Advantages of the Backup Feature

The Backup feature will include the following:

Automatic restoration of the lost files.
Option of downloading your files into a .zip archive.

go backupYou do not have to be a computer expert to download the lost files into your website. You just have to use the Site Backups and Restore tool. There are only three steps to completely restore your files into the website with this tool. This will enhance the security of the website since you will not have to worry that some or all of your pertinent information will be lost especially when you accidentally hit a wrong button.

The main advantage of a backup feature is that pertinentdata will not be lost in just an instant. A section of relevant information lost may mean losing a significant portion of your business. This is because the website information is all online and therefore losing data means that it may become permanently lost.


Backup Options

There are two ways that the website content can be restored.

ipage backup types

The current files can be restored automatically with their back-up version but this means that the last backup files will be restored. The manual option allows you to choose which backup date will be used in the restoration of the website content. This is better for some website owners since they may have lost relevant data more than 24 hours ago and therefore the last backup may not be appropriate for their needs.


Automatic Backups

Drive-Backup-iconThe main advantage of the Backup feature is that backups are made daily by iPage so that you do not have to individually backup your files every day. This will save you not only time but the hassle of remembering to back up your existing files especially when you are busy monitoring sales and traffic from your website. The advantage of this is that there are multiples files from different dates so that you can select from what date you want to restore the files you want to be downloaded to your website.

BML File typeDifferent backup features may mean a service upgrade. But when you think about this, the advantages may outweigh the cost of the upgrade since you do not have to spend additional time backing up your files. This can be found in the link


iPage Manaul BackupBacking up on your own

There are some website owners who prefer to back up their files on their own. This option makes it more secure for the website owner since they are also holding a copy of the backup of the website’s content. This can be saved on the computer and even on an external drive so that the data can be always with the website owner when it needs to be accessed.

This is also advantageous to the website owner since it can be done using FTP on a regular basis while having access to the important data even when offline. Unfortunately there are some disadvantages to this option since the restoration of the SQL database cannot be automatically done and therefore this must be made manually which can take time.

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