Does iPage Put Ads On My Site?


If you are a long-time web administrator or designer, you know that there were times in order for you to get free hosting, you need to get those domains that include ads on your pages. This is how the hosting services earn from providing data storage for your site. The ads, when clicked through your pages, generate revenue for the team.


Today, some hosting solutions still do this. For those who cannot afford their own hosting plan or are still playing around with the idea of having their own site, having free hosts with a small side effect of having ads is not a bad deal.

But does iPage do this? It does – on freely hosted accounts. There are certain conditions where iPage MAY put ads on your pages and we are here to summarize those conditions. Everyone knows no one really reads the Terms and Conditions sections so we are here to summarize it for you.

Using the Parked Domain feature title


Let’s say you bought a domain from iPage but you don’t have any content to put in it. You can “park” your domain in the admin panel settings. When you do this, iPage will maximize that chance to incorporate some ads or redirect it to a page that will generate ads.

Since you don’t have anything to show yet for your domain, when you park it with iPage, it generates hits already and in a way, Google recognizes it as an active domain. This may eventually work with your search engine rankings.

What happens if you do not park your site? Your user will:

exmSee an error page if there is nothing serving as your “coming soon” page for your domain
exmThink that the domain does not exist and may not revisit your site again

Under these circumstances when you use the Parked domain of iPage, your domain may be used towards ads.

Are you on a free iPage plan title

freehost There is another way that you can get ads on your iPage hosted site. If you are using free hosting from iPage, your site may get ad popups or inserts to help fund the upkeep of your site. This is again, a perfectly normal and standard way of supporting free hosting setups.

But since iPage packages are so reasonably priced, it may be more convenient to just get your own plan, so that your pages are ads-free.

No ads for paid accounts title

noads3 Yes, to be very clear about this, no ads of any form will be placed on your site once you are using a paid iPage account. No pop up banners, no inserted ads in the newsletters or floating forms and banners for your users to click through before getting to your site. Unless you were the ones placing it on your pages.

What else do you get with iPage title

Along with being an ad-free site, here are the most important benefits you will get once you sign up with iPage:

checkFree site building tools and templates so that you can set up your site within minutes
checkEasy to use control panel as your dashboard for easy management, even for first time web administrators
checkFree domain for one year
checkUnlimited data storage, data traffic and emails
checkSupport for popular CMS tools like Drupal, Joomla and of course, WordPress
checkFree marketing credits to help start your site – from Google, Bing, Yahoo and even Facebook.

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