Does iPage Support Google Analytics

Google-Analytics-IconiPage offers additional features which can be used by online stores so that they can sell products and services. These website owners can pay for additional or premium services offered by iPage. Some of the most relevant are Google-based features such as Google Analytics.


Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a service for tracking a website’s comprehensive statistics about the number of visits and any relevant information that a website owner will need. This feature tracks the visits of previous visitors on your page so that you will be able to know which page you need to enhance and which pages are not being visited. The main objective of a web merchant in developing the design of the entire website is that every page needs to be visited so all its products are sold and a business will gain maximum exposure.

icon_analyticsA comprehensive list of products and services being offered by a website need to be maximized since the more pages that have, the more you will have to update and pay for. The website owner needs to recover their costs by optimizing each marketing page. This means that visitors need to be induced to enter the other webpages of the website and not just a specific webpage.

The analytics typically include:

  • Traffic sources overview
  • Average time on the website
  • Rate of bounces
  • Page views
  • Which page is visited the most



Google Analytics for iPage

analytics-app-iconThis is typically purchased by website owners that offer marketing, products and services. They are usually web merchants, e-commerce owners, or online store sellers. The reason for this is that the website owner needs to know which products are visited the most so that they have a higher number of stocks for products in a popular page when compared to non-popular pages. The basic services of Google Analytics are normally given to iPage customers for free with the additional features on a premium rate.


Where to Find

The customer can verify if their website hosted by iPage has the free Google Analytics using the URL address. An Optimize button needs to be clicked so that the page containing iPage’s important details is displayed. A green check mark will be found on the Google Analytics field if iPage offers Google Analytics to its customers.

google services on ipagwe


How to Turn On Google Analytics

1 You will need to go to the Google Analytics website using this link

google analytics main site


2You will need to make a Google account before you can access the analytics feature using the link

Google Analyrics Signup


3If you already have a Google account proceed to login. Otherwise, click the “Create an Account.” You will need to go to the “Sign in” button to click.

Google Analyrics Signin or Create Account


4There will be a new page asking you to enter some details with regard to the iPage website. This includes website name, industry category, the website’s time zone and the website url. But if you want to use the time zone of your main visitors then that time zone will be chosen.

Google Analyrics web property


5The desired Account name will need to be entered so that the Google Analytics will be turned on.

Google Analyrics Account Name


6Click the button that says “Get Tracking ID.”

Google Analyrics Get Tracking ID


7A new page regarding the terms of service for Google Analytics will be displayed.

Google Analyrics terms of service


8If you have already read the terms, then you can click the “I Accept” option.

Google Analyrics terms of service accept


9You will be redirected to your new website analytics admin panel.


10If you will scroll down, you will see a block of code will be displayed. You will need to copy the entire code which will be inserted in the website’s HTML. This will allow your website to successfully make use of Google Analytics.

Google Analyrics tracking code


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