Does WebHostingHub Offer Monthly Payment?

Through the right web host, anyone can expect online success through a website that draws in attention and traffic from the target audience. But websites wouldn’t exist without web hosting, and these then also would be non-existent if it isn’t for the funds that keep the company going. Though there are free web hosts available on the web but when it comes to quality, those don’t even begin to scratch the surface of what a credible web host like WebHostingHub could do.

dollar coinThe $4.99 poster in large print on the very front of the web site is what lures you into further searching on what WebHostingHub has to offer which is a myriad of freebies and great deals paired with simple use and assistance from support staff available 24/7. However, is $4.99 a month really worth mentioning if a monthly payment isn’t permitted by WebHostingHub?

What payment plans are permitted by WebHostingHub

  • 1. Yearly payments – the preferred payment plan by WebHostingHub. Paying for a full year of web hosting eliminates the hassle of constant account renewal which leaves users to concentrate fully and exclusively on the development of their website. It also reduces the risk of missed payments which might lead to altered server access and lead to the removal of files.
  • 2. Every 3 months – a new scheme introduced by WebHostingHub for those who do not like paying for a full year of service.

Through one of the payment methods approved by WebHostingHub, budget conscious users have the option of paying 3 months’ worth of dues at a time. A 90 day money back guarantee is offered by WebHostingHub just in case users are not fully satisfied with their services. This makes the yearly payment plan a slightly easier selection; or the 3 month plan for users who feel they need to be absolutely sure.

billing info payment checkSo if you selected the 3 month plan and have decided that you are happy with the services offered by WebHostingHub even before your payment plan is up, you can easily adjust your billing information to cover more time: 6 months, 9 months, or for the full year.

How do I update my billing information

laptopGo to the AMP screen on the homepage, go to the billing section and click the account manager. Edit contact information which will include payment plan. This links you to your new adjusted payment page.

credit cardA lot could happen in a few months’ time; you might either max out a credit card or maybe even get a new one. If the time for a billing update is almost up and you want to change to a different credit card for your payment plan on WebHostingHub, they give you a simple way to do it.

How do I switch to a different credit card for payments

  • Under the account and billing section, there will be a ‘Details’ option. Enable updates for this option and simply follow the on-screen instructions to either edit or add a new credit card. This option is available anytime.
  • After updating your account and billing information and after you input your new card into the system, you will receive an updated and adjusted contract period for your websites host time. Make sure you take note and remember this date in order to avoid a missed payment. This can be difficult sometimes, especially with multiple domains.

How to I check when my renewal date will be

  • Go to the homepage on WebHostingHub and click on the account and billing section; go to the details page and it will link you to your active subscriptions with listed renewal dates.
  • Are you the kind of person that just never seems to remember dates? WebHostHub found a way around that too
  • Under the account and billing section is an option that reminds you when a payment is due. Close to this date, WebHostingHub sends your account and e-mail a notification which a lot of users find very useful and worry-free.
  • Lastly, through WebHostingHub always keeps payment history records through your account, it is sometimes an added security to have a hard copy of your payment receipt.

how do i get receipt for my payments

  • Log in to AMP, proceed to billing and go to payment history. You will be linked to a list of receipts and past payments made, all you have to do is simply select which receipt you want printed and click print.
  • Payment plans can often be hard to keep up with; with constant changes, renewals, new cards, or even new billing methods. This is exactly why WebHostingHub makes it easy for subscribers to gain access to their billing and plan information with simple and straight forward website navigation and a very convenient reminder setting to avoid the all the trouble that comes with a missed payment.

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