Does WebHostingHub Offer Website Backup?

back up cloud iconDo you have a Google Drive account? How about a Dropbox or iCloud setup? If you have one of these things, then you know why you need to backup data. Data can suddenly be corrupted or your machine can suddenly malfunction. If you did not back up your data, you’ll be crying buckets because of all the lost photos, applications, videos and all sorts of files that was corrupted or deleted.Most applications today seamlessly backup your data across several devices, so that if you have your photos stored in your iPhone 5s, for example, you can also view them from your Macbook Air and as well as your iPad Mini. This same principle is similar to the web hosting backup process. Even if you are using a reliable server, you still do not know what else can happen to your site and it’s data.

back up automaticNever mind if it is just YOUR data, but what about your customer’s data? That’s a different scenario altogether. Get to know how your hosting package does backup – how often does it happen? Where is the backed up data stored? For those who already chose WebHostingHub as their hosting provider, you’ll be happy to know that they do have online backup and it can happen automatically.

top 3 signs that you need to back up your data

Still not convinced that your site needs backup? Here are the scenarios where a backup process is absolutely necessary:

  • If you allow users to create their own user profiles in your site, with its separate login and password. You absolutely need to backup this kind of data or else you will literally lose customer data when something happens.
  • You allow users to upload and share their work such as graphic design, photographs, homemade videos and even music files. It is not an option for them to suddenly find out that all of their data is wiped out.
  • If you already have a massive inventory of products like a whole catalogue of kiddie clothes or an international listing of shoes. It will be a huge headache if you just lost all of your information. 

Basically, any site that does not want to face the situation wherein you have to rebuild your data MUST back up. No doubt about it.

how does automatic backup work

automatic backup monitor anyplace replicaAutomatic backup works by routinely taking a snapshot of your server’s data and storing that in an alternate location, so that if something happens to the primary data center, you have a replica sitting somewhere, untouched.

Usually, this is set by the hosting provider to happen in the middle of the night, when your site gets the least amount of traffic so that if ever there is a hiccup in the backup process, it can continue without affecting the performance of the site.

24 hours forum icon chat messageDoing an automatic backup can be data intensive, so set aside some time for it to happen. If your site gets a lot of changes within 24 hours (like a very active forum), then you need to set your backup to happen every 24 hours.

other features of a webhostinghub package

What are the other features that you get when you sign up with WebHostingHub, apart from the daily, automated backups? You can get:

four blocks

  • One-click installer called Softaculous. This means you can easily install apps and scripts without having to learn a single line of code.
  • Support for popular content management systems (CMS) like Drupal, Joomla, Magento and of course, WordPress
  • Site building tools available for free so that you can build your very own website, immediately after signing up with WebHostingHub
  • 24/7 support not just for after-sales questions but also for technical assistance

Then you also get free marketing credits so that you can launch your site and its products with a bang. With a very competitive industry today, you cannot afford to launch without making a dent in the market. Or else, the competition will just eat you up alive.

how much is a webhosting hub hosting package

money wallet icon with priceNormally, a WebHostingHub package will cost you about $6.99 per month for a contract of at least 1 whole year. Sometimes, there are special offers that can bring this cost down to as low as $4.99 per month, on a 24-month period. So that’s more than $45 of savings.

what do you typically get with this kind of package

  • database server hosting icon with gearUnlimited disk space
  • email emailEmail support
  • Blue-Backup-W-iconBack up wizard
  • Control Panel 3Control panel
  • random iconOn-boarding process
  • add on sub domain iconFree domain transfer or registration
  • ftpUnlimited FTP accounts
  • securitySpam protection
  • shopping cartShopping cart tools
  • forum icon chat bubbleForum tools
  • picture iconPhoto gallery applications
  • blog iconBlog support

You also get a 90-day money back guarantee in case you are not happy with what you got.

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