Does WebHostingHub Work On iPhone and iPad?

The new generation has a variety of technology at hand in the form of personal computers, laptops, netbooks, tablets, cellphones and the most in demand gadgets such as iPhone and iPad. For those who are inclined to business transactions online, the type of technology to use would seem to matter.

mobile phone with globe dimainIn the field of webhosting, clients are now provided an easier access of their webhosting accounts may it be in their laptops or in their handy phones. One of the webhosting companies such as Webhostinghub has found its way in their clients’ iPhone and iPads. It is very easy to set up for all it asks from you is your tinkering fingers and your valuable iPhones and IPads.

advantage of access

You can receive notifications directly from your handy gadget. No need to open your webhosting account in your laptop. Your email account settings are secured. The steps go this way:

    • number 1 From your iPhone/iPad, look for the widget of settings then click it.
    • number 1 Select Mail, Contacts, Calendar. It’s far down the screen.
    • number 1 Instantly, you’ll be seeing selecting buttons, go to the first one labeled, “Add account”.
    • number 1 From there, you’ll be given options of what account to add such as Microsoft Exchange, Mobile Me, Gmail, AOL, Yahoo Mail, and Other. Select the last button named “Other”.
    • number 1 At the unit of Other, you’ll be seeing subdivisions for mail, contactsand calendars. Choose the button under the subdivision of Mail named “Add Mail Account”. It’s located on top of the rest of the buttons.
    • number 1 Next, you will be required to provide your email information such as your email address and the necessary password of that account.
    • number 1 Your gadget will look after your settings in a few seconds then will precede you to the next step.
    • number 1 The next step will give you two options, IMAP or POP. It is advisable to select IMAP so that your emails are not just restricted in the use of the gadget you linked your account to.
    • number 1 In selecting IMAP, you’ll be required to enter information such as your name, email address and account description. Under that, you’ll see Incoming Mail Server and you’ll also have to fill in the needed information such as host name, username and password.
    • number 1 Still referring to the previous step, the host name is written in the form “hostname[server number].(specific webhosting company).com”. An example is
    • number 1 Under the Incoming Mail Server, you’ll see the section of Outgoing Mail Server. The same information from the steps 9 and 10 will be asked from you. Input it just the same.
    • number 1 Don’t forget to click save. The button is at the upper right corner. You wouldn’t want to repeat the whole process.
    • number 1 After saving it, your gadget will prompt the words “Verifying IMAP account information.” and you’ll need to wait for a few minutes before it initializes.
    • number 1 Afterwards, your newly added account will appear in your list of accounts and you’ll be back automatically on the section of Settings.
    • number 1 Through your IOS device, you can now view your emails and notifications from your webhosting account.
    • number 1Frequently Asked Question/Concern
    • number 1 There’s something wrong with my mail folders. I keep on receiving a pop up note saying the messages cannot be transferred in my mailbox or no messages under my inbox. What should I do?
    • number 1 The problem is related to the IMAP settings of your gadget. You’ll have to configure it.

how to solve that problem

You will have to specify the prefix of your IMAX and the steps go this way:

    • number 1In your IOS device, go to the widget of Settings.
    • number 1Like what you did a while ago in adding your email account, go look for Mail, Contacts, Calendars and select it.
    • number 1From your list of accounts, select the account you wish to alter some changes.
    • number 1In the next screen loaded, select for the same account.
    • number 1Look for the button “Advanced” It is at the bottom below.
    • number 1In the section of the IMAP Path Prefix, input the word “inbox” in capital letters.
    • number 1In the upper left of your gadget’s screen, click the label “Account”.
    • number 1In the section of Account, click “Done” in the upper right corner of the screen. This will save the changes and your problem is solved already. Now, you’ll be able to view your inbox and messages.

what step should i take if i forgot the password

password iconYou will have to access your webhosting account in your laptop and look for cpanel or the control panel guide of the WebHostingHub for example. From there, you can have the option of resetting your password for it is the only way for you to retrieve and connect your account in your iPhone/IPad.

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