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writing blog wordpressBlogs are online journals that are updated on a regular basis. Some blogs are personal and others are about specific subject areas such as politics, music or food. Blogs are written from a personal perspective and contain observations or opinions of the author or authors.

Here are some types of blogs:

  • Schools
  • Business
  • Non-profit
  • How-to tips and reviews
  • Private
  • Military
  • Sports

benefits of blogging

There are several benefits of blogging. The following are the benefits one gets from blogging;

  • Blogging increases your knowledge
  • Blogging improves your writing skill
  • Blogging improves your skill in doing research
  • You can gain followers and establish your name
  • It motivates you to keep on writing because of your followers
  • You can earn money by blogging for others

For businesses, blogging can provide these benefits:

  • Blogging can increase traffic to your website through proper use of keywords
  • Blogs are content management systems that are easy to use
  • Blogs are means by which long-term relations with your client can be established
  • Blogging can develop your own kind of brand
  • Blogs allow consumers to have an inner look in your business style and workings

Fatcow blog hosting

Fatcow is a web host provider and in all its plans a blog tool is included. This blog tool is WordPress. The following are the features of WordPress:

  • Easy to install
  • Capable of allowing multiple authors
  • Contain journal entries and matching pages can be created
  • Wide array of plug-ins
  • Control of comments from your readers
  • Can be customized to your liking

WordPress is easily installed by using the InstallCentral in Fatcow. Tutorials are provided to guide you in installing WordPress as well as other topics related to using WordPress.

writing reviews blog iconBlogs can increase your sales by increasing traffic to your website. Regularly updating your blogs keep your clients informed about products or services in your website. Multiple authors writing your blogs give different perspectives and tones to your blogs. Installing plug-ins will increase the functionality of your blogs.


wordpress writing logo blogWordPress is a popular blogging tool. It started in 2003 with only one bit of code and with only a few users. WordPress is an Open Source tool created and developed by the community. It started as a blogging tool but had evolved to become a content management system. A content management system gives you control over the content in your website.

wordpressWordPress gives you the freedom to customize your website through themes. It has a wide selection of themes that you can freely use in order to make your website beautiful and suited to your own needs and liking. WordPress publishes your blogs in the web and connects them to social media like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr and many more. Publishing your posts is only a few clicks of your mouse.

In the Stats page of WordPress, you can keep track of your readers anytime and anywhere. On this page, you can see a graph that tells the number of visits and visitors to your website on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. You can also view your links to other websites or blogs.

control panelPlug-ins are included in WordPress. These applications expand what your website can do. A forum, a social network or an event calendar can be installed in your website through these plug-ins. You can share videos and pictures through the Image Galleries of WordPress. WordPress can be read in many languages and can be uploaded in your mobile phones.

WordPress is included in all plans offered by Fatcow.

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