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topimgIf you’re planning to publish your own website through a web hosting provider, then you better start learning how to use a control panel. This is the tool you’ll be using for the entire duration of your site’s existence. That is why it’s imperative for you to choose the right control panel for a hassle-free hosting experience. With FatCow, you’ll get to meet vDeck control panel.

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admin control panel iconAn admin control panel (or simply “control panel”) basically refers to a tool that lets you administer your hosting account and manage your website. It is where you will spend most of your time as a website owner so you should choose your control panel wisely.

It’s like a control room that contains all the switches and settings for your website and your hosting account in general. Here are just some of the things that you can do on a control panel:

  • Access and use the website builder integrated with your hosting account
  • Create and manage email accounts or POP accounts which are associated with your domain.
  • Manage, transfer, renew or add domain privacy to domain names
  • Use script-installers to add scripts and applications to your site
  • Use the FTP client for file storage and transfer
  • Manage MySQL databases and create, delete, modify or rename tables and fields
  • Purchase or install add-on services like SSL certificates, automatic site backup and recovery, and more.

Control panels are not the same for all web hosting providers and there are many of them available in the market. FatCow uses one of the finest control panels today – the vDeck Control Panel.

fatcows vdeck control panel

fatcow database hosting serverFatCow is a popular web hosting provider that features unique hosting services at an affordable price. Their regular price is at $3.15 per month, lower than conventional hosting prices today. Some of the services you’ll get at this very low price are the following:
  • unli bandwidthUnlimited bandwidth
  • unli storage disk space server database hostingUnlimited storage
  • domain free iconFree domain name for one year
  • quick install icon downloadQuick-install online store apps
  • web builder tool fix iconAn awesome website builder
  • reliable customer support icon heart likeReliable customer support
  • dollar icon advertising credits marketing tokenFree marketing credits.
  • control panel icon gear smallImproved control panel.

fatcow control panel administrationAs stated earlier, FatCow hosting uses vDeck Control Panel for hosting account management. This control panel is relatively new to the web hosting arena but is proved to have lots of potential since more web hosts replace their old control panels with this fresh panel.

vdeck control panel download updatedOne of the key advantages of vDeck over other control panels is its constant updates. This shows how vigilant this software is to the growing demands of users. Updates were intended to fix bugs, redesign interfaces and improve the overall service of vDeck.

As of writing, FatCow has just upgraded their control panel to vDeck 4.0. Some of the features of this revamped panel include the following:

    • globe domain like thumbs upGood Website Management – website owners can easily access the web management tool they need with vDeck 4.0. Use website builders in just one click or manage your files using FTP management tools right from your control panel.
    • email to webhosting hubEmail Management – you can create email accounts and manage them using several functions like autoresponders, email forwarder and spam detectors.
    • control panelDomain Management – vDeck’s domain tab lets you handle all your domain names in one place. You can add, delete or transfer domain names with ease.
    • ecommerce2E-Commerce Services – you can add e-commerce functions to your site using the “E-commerce” tab and get options for shopping carts and credit card payment options.
    • marketing iconMarketing Services – Take advantage of your free advertising credits found in the “Marketing” tab of your vDeck control panel. Enjoy free ads from Google, Facebook, Yahoo! and a lot more.
    • web adminAccount Management Services – You can manage all aspects of your hosting account from this tab. Change your password, update your billing information and more using the “Account Information” tab.


  1. Allan March 11, 2013 at 3:09 am - Reply

    Hi Levi! If you look up any very popular company, you’ll find many complaints. FatCow, Justhost, iPage, GoDaddy, Hostgator, the list goes on.

    These companies may provide good service and value overall, but there will always be customers who are ignorant and never satisfied…. BUT are also customer who are victims of bad service, service interruptions, ignorant and annoying support staff who lead them in circles and then tell them they caused the problem, etc…

    When you start looking into more expensive hosting like dedicated/VPS/cloud, you’ll find fewer complaints, but it’s also because the customers are more savvy and generally have system administrators on staff.

    I hope this helps.

  2. Levi March 10, 2013 at 1:18 pm - Reply

    I have read many complaints online about Fatcow web hosting service. Are these negative stories true? Here’s an example of Fatcow’s bad image: http://usa.weloveourhost.com/fatcow.html

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