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discount coupon fatcowCoupons are documents distributed by retailers and manufacturers giving consumers discounts on certain items. There are two main types of coupons: manufacturer’s and store coupons. Manufacturer’s coupons are issued by manufacturers primarily to increase sales of specific products or items.

Store coupons are issued by specific retailers and can be used only in that store. Coupons can be found in the following:

  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Online sites
  • Company websites
  • Email newsletters

Coupon codes are used by online businesses to make their products more accessible to clients. Fatcow is an online web hosting provider that offers coupon codes.

Fatcows Hosting Plan

fatcow serversFatcow is a web hosting provider. It started in 1998 and since then had offered value service to its clients. Fatcow caters to small and medium sized businesses. It offers two hosting plans: the original and the mini moo plan.

Fatcow plan and the MiniMoo plan

The Original Fatcow Plan includes:

    • writing blog wordpressBlogs and forums that are easy to install
    • storageUnlimited disc space
    • 200 creditsFree advertising credits by Yahoo and Google
    • bandwidth iconUnlimited bandwidth
    • fix tool iconEasy to use tools for website building
    • ecommerce2Building of e-store by ShopSite

The MiniMoo Plan includes:

  • An email account
  • Auto responder for your email
  • Newsletters
  • Webinars
  • Spam free email

services of fatcow

shield iconAside from Web Hosting, Fatcow offers e-commerce, domain, email and marketing services. Fatcow offers several tools to assist in putting up your online store. Fatcow uses ShopSite in helping you promote your products, build up your catalog and securely process your orders over the internet. To secure personal and financial information of your customers, Fatcow utilizes SSL certificates.

ssl icon certificate securityYour website will be secured through these premium certificates and your customers will be more confident in transacting business with you. Fatcow offers the processing of credit cards through PayPal and AcceptSafe. For the inventory, shipping and management of your stocks, Fatcow utilizes the technology of Doba.

file transfer domain icon ftpFatcow helps you make your presence felt in the internet by letting you register a domain name. Your personal information is protected by a feature in Fatcow, the Domain Privacy. Fatcow offers subdomains which can increase traffic to your website. As part of its domain service, Fatcow facilitates the transfer of an existing domain. An automatic renewal service eliminates your fear that your domain will lapsed.

email to webhosting hubFor its email services, Fatcow offers Exchange, a Microsoft email management tool. This tool has a calendar, Outlook licenses that are unlimited and capable of sharing tasks and folders. You can also check emails in your mobile phones through Microsoft Exchange Mobile Services which is included in Fatcow. Other email services include additional email accounts and email spam filtering tool.

marketing chartFatcow can generate more traffic to your website through its marketing services. These services include email marketing, search engine optimization and search engine marketing. Fatcow uses EmailBrain for its email marketing. EmailBrain is an application that allows you to manage email lists, create and send newsletters or campaign ads, and keep track of your marketing results. Fatcow through its SEO professionals ensure that your website will be listed in top engine results. For its search engine marketing, Fatcow uses the following:

  • WebSite Grader
  • Google Adwords
  • Community Directory
  • ServiceCentral
  • Yahoo Sponsored Search Credits
  • Simply Local Search
  • Free Online Advertising with YP,com

fatcow coupons

discount coupon tag labelFatcow offers coupons for its clients. These coupon codes give discounts on services offered by Fatcow. Some coupon codes give discounts on web hosting plans and others on specific services such as extended validation certificates. These coupon codes can be accessed through various online sites. You can have these coupon codes by clicking the button on specific coupon codes. These coupons are good for specific periods of time.

Fatcow is a web hosting provider that offers affordable hosting plans. Coupon codes make these hosting plans more affordable.

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