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topimgYour domain is like the store-front of your website. An easy to remember domain ensures that your customers can quickly remember your address and at the same time makes it easy for other customers to stumble upon your pages. A common practice is to get multiple domains pointing to the same site so that you get more hits and more traffic.

money iconThis means more potential sales and more money for you! There is also maintenance involved after getting your domain. Apart from renewing it when it is about to expire, most experts recommend that you get a domain privacy service to protect your domain or domains.

What does your domain tell you

user search iconAs required by ICANN, you should declare your accurate name and contact details whenever you buy a domain. This means that if you have multiple domain, the chances of someone viewing your name and contact details through the WHOIS method is very high.

Identity theft- is this real

thief iconTo put it simply, yes, identity theft is very real. Sometimes all these thieves need is a name and they can get your home address, office address, bank records, credit card information etc. What can they do with your name and your contact details? Identity thieves can:

  • Create an alternate identity using your credentials
  • Make online purchases under your name
  • Grab credit for work that they did not do and place it under your name
  • Mislead the public into thinking that you were the one responsible for certain acts
  • Empty your bank account and charge insane amounts to your credit card
  • Destroy or damage public records containing your name

user questionsAll that damage by just getting your name and contact details. But if ICANN requires you to have updated and accurate contact information, how can you avoid the exposure of your details from the WHOIS search?

How can you get domain privacy

Domain privacy is an option for you if you want to protect your contact details and name. How does it work?

  • A third party company, like FatCow, acts like a mediator between you and the WHOIS search
  • When someone searches your domain, instead of showing your records, it will display FatCow’s details, sort of like your post office box number
  • If ever there is someone who wants to get in touch with you, FatCow forwards their request to your hidden contact details.
  • Then it is completely up to you if you want to contact the person.

The power to divulge your contact details is yours, again.

Who offers domain privacy

Fatcow offers domain privacy, along with many other things such as:

    • earn online coins domain moneyAny time money back guarantee
    • customer-support-icon1Support for very popular CMS tools like WordPress
    • 200 creditsFree marketing credits from Google, Bing, Yahoo and of course, Facebook
    • fix serverFree use of site building tools and website templates for easy construction of your website
    • seo iconnSEO tools free of use
    • Control Panel 2vDeck control panel for easy to understand web admin dashboard
    • pie charet marketingStats monitoring tools so that you have other numbers apart from what you get from Google Analytics
    • database icon with thumbnailUnlimited data storage so you don’t need to worry about your photos taking too much space
    • bandwidth iconUnlimited data traffic so no matter how many calls from the server to the client and vise versa, you will not be penalized for it
    • security lock with check iconOption to upgrade your basic security suite to a more advanced one
    • email control panelSpam filtering for your unlimited email accounts
    • domain management iconFree domain for one year
    • FTP icon transferEasy transfer from your old hosting provider into FatCow

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