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topimgYour domain name is your address in the internet. This is the way through which clients find you in the internet. Without a domain name you are lost in cyberspace. Without it your presence will not be felt in the internet and your online business will not get the proper exposure and access.

Here are the reasons why domain name is important:

  • A domain name makes your business sound professional
  • A domain name suggests being up to date of technology
  • A domain name attracts customers
  • A domain name assures you of mobility in the internet
  • A domain name helps you in establishing a brand


domain with paper signupA domain name of your own will project a sense of professionalism in your business. Clients or customers will be confident in dealing with a business that sends the message that it means business. Registering your own domain name assures consumers that you are serious with your business and you are here to offer products or services for them. Registering your domain name means that you are willing to be competitive.

An online business has to attract clients by offering products and services that are better than other similar businesses. Applications have to be updated and be more user-friendly. Choosing an appropriate domain name for your business or company is necessary. A domain name that matches the overall scheme of your product or service can bring in customers. Decide on a domain name that can raise your search engine results.

briefcaseRegistering this domain name makes you the owner of this domain name and any future changes in web host or server will not make you start all over again with a new address making you lose grounds you already have gained. A domain name represents your business and company. It represents the type of products and services you offer. Satisfied clients will mention your domain name to other people which in turn can be potential loyal clients or visitors.

domain registration in fatcow

lightbulbFatcow is a web hosting provider. It offers web hosting services to personal sites, business sites and e-commerce sites. Fatcow also offers website management, site and scripting add-ons, email services, e-commerce services, marketing services and domain services.

In Fatcow, domain registration services include the following:

  • Privacy to your domain
  • New domain registration
  • Renewals of domains are automatic
  • Subdomains
  • Transfer of your existing domain

domain privacy in fatcow

domain securityFatcow protects your privacy. Your name, address and telephone number as well as your technical, administrative and billing contacts are hidden under a general information database. Fatcow will forward any requests to view your information and you have the right either to allow or disallow access to your personal and business information.

This domain privacy service of Fatcow protects you from:

  • Fraud
  • Unwanted spam
  • Unintended disclosure of identity
  • Stalkers
  • Theft of your identity

identity thief hackerIndividuals who accessed your personal information without your knowledge can use this in internet frauds. These frauds at your expense can ruin your business reputation and send clients away from your business. Telemarketers will flood your email inbox with ads that are annoying and wasting precious space and time. Illegal access to your personal information and contacts can hamper the growth and progress of your business.

other domain registration services of fatcow

Aside from protecting your privacy when you register your domain name in Fatcow, you can transfer an existing domain name to Fatcow. Subdomains are also offered depending on your plan. Through these subdomains, you can direct specific aspects of your business to a specific web page. Fatcow uses an automated domain renewal service. This service reminds you when you have to renew your domain registration. This is free for all Fatcow clients.

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