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topimgEmail messaging has completely changed our system of communication. Letters and snail mails have been rendered obsolete and the best way to send messages to others is through email. If you own a website, getting your own email address mightturn out to be a necessity.

the need for email accounts

email to webhosting hubSite visitors who find interest in your website will definitely look for a way to communicate with you and your team. This can be done by setting up chat boxes or placing a comments section on your website. However, there are instances when these tools are just not enough. People might want to send you documents or files which cannot be done in a chat box or comments section.

They also might want to keep their communications with you as private. Most people are also not comfortable with using chat boxes or posting comments on a website. They prefer a more official and secured way to contact you. That is why you need an email account for your website.

email control panelThere are many ways to setup an email account. Of course you may choose to sign up with major email account providers today like Gmail and Yahoo! and use your business’ name as the name of your email address. This is convenient and easy since you can sign up as many email addresses as you want without paying a single penny.

You may also choose to create your email accounts that are associated with your domain. This differs from ordinary email addresses in that it uses your own domain and follows this format: [email protected] These email accounts are also called POP Accounts where POP stands for Post Office Protocol, a type of protocol used to retrieve email messages via TCP/IP from remote servers.

email-emailWhen you create POP accounts on your web host, email messages to these accounts are stored in the web server. POP fetches these messages so you can read them on your own email program like Microsoft Outlook or Eudora or even on your mobile devices. These services are usually purchased but some websites include them in the hosting packages they offer.

pop accounts on fatcow

email iconAs mentioned earlier, you can create your own email accounts with the help of your web hosting provider. Fortunately, FatCow is one of them. This web host allows users to create their own email/POP accounts for only $30 per year. In this package, you can get five (5) extra POP boxes.

And for $60 per year you’ll get 10 additional POP boxes. Here are some of the benefits you get by creating your own POP accounts:

  • A better communication channel for customers – Site visitors will always look for ways to communicate with the people behind a website before deciding to engage in a business transaction with them. They might have some inquiries on your products/services or might seek help in using them. The best way for them to contact you is through email. The problem with conventional email addresses is that some users find it hard to remember them. The competition is tight between Yahoo, Gmail and Hotmail so users might mix up your email address between these three email addresses. If you have your own POP account, users will easily remember what email address to use since it includes your domain name.
  • A good advertising tool– Having email addresses that mention your domain or website is a very good marketing move. Your website is automatically endorsed by your email address and people who happen to see it will check your website out of curiosity.
  • Improves your site’s reputation – Only few websites feature their own email addresses. This is why having your own email account improves your site’s credibility and reputation. It creates the impression that your site is on the same level as Yahoo, Gmail or Hotmail. It also tells users that you handle their emails well by using a dedicated email service.

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