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topimgcongratulations domain shaking hands fat cow iconCongratulations on deciding to create web presence! Regardless if you want to earn more money, get your campaign seen by many or simply do public service, a web site is the first step of many opportunities that will come your way. After signing up with a good hosting provider and securing your domain (also known as your .com), you need to go to your control panel to customize how your site and the hosting will work for you.

web adminThere are just some things that you cannot avoid, even if you are a first time web admin. Things like setting up your own email, putting up an “Under Construction” page and things like linking to Facebook and/or Twitter. These things can all be done within a control panel. Think of it as your dashboard for your web hosting settings.

Why do you need a control panel

control panelAs we said earlier, a control panel is like your launch pad or command center where nearly all of the changes for your site takes place. This is a one stop shop for installation of scripts, uploading of web files, editing your spam settings, doing routine back up of your data, checking your disk usage (or how much space your stuff takes from the server) and things like monitoring your site’s clicks and hits.

If you decide to go with an FatCow hosting account, your control panel will be called vDeck. Along with the perks of having an easy to use dashboard like vDeck, here are the other perks of going with FatCow:

    • fix tool iconEasy to use site building tools, like a drag and drop site builder
    • 200 creditsFree marketing credits to help publicize your site
    • earn online coins domain moneyAny time money back guarantee for those who are hesitant to try them out
    • security lock with check iconFree basic security suite often costing around $100
    • directory listingFree Yellow Pages listing

What sort of icons will you see in vDeck

To help you familiarize yourself with the contents of vDeck, here are the icons that you will see on its home page:

  • .htaccess editor
  • Archive gateway
  • Disk usage
  • FTP
  • File Manager
  • FrontPage Extensions
  • Google Services for Websites
  • Secure Server
  • Server Information
  • Set site editor
  • Site backups and restore
  • Sitelock
  • View my Website
  • Visitor Statistics
  • WebSite Creator by CM4all
  • Weebly Drag and Drop builder

What is Google Services for Websites

vdeck google package iconIf we take a closer look at the icons in vDeck for FatCow, one of them is Google Services for Websites. The most important part here is Google Analytics. With any Google account (Gmail will be enough), you can associate your website and access it with your Google account.

What is the Visitor Statistics for

google statisticsThe Visitor Statistics is like Google Services for Websites but this is an in-house tool for you to use. This will also include the types of pages within your site that gets the most hits, the most returning visitors, the typical browsing time per page for each user etc.

what is frontpage extensions

FrontpageFrontPage extensions are tools that you can install in your site so that you can help yourself create web pages faster. Gone are the days when you are so dependent on a web developer to edit, create and maintain your website. Short of using WordPress, this is your next best option especially for new users or beginners.

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