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topimgModern websites are no longer confined to just HTML and simple web elements like texts, images and buttons. Websites today feature rich internet applications on their pages like photo galleries, blogging platforms and forum applications. That is why site owners wonder, “How do I include one of them on my site?”.FatCow hosting answers this question.

Fatcow Hosting

FatCow is a popular web hosting provider that features unique hosting services at an affordable price. Their regular price is at $3.15 per month, lower than conventional hosting prices today. Some of the services you’ll get at this very low price are the following:

  • unli bandwidthUnlimited bandwidth
  • unli storage disk space server database hostingUnlimited storage
  • domain free iconFree domain name for one year
  • quick install icon downloadQuick-install online store apps
  • web builder tool fix iconAn awesome website builder
  • reliable customer support icon heart likeReliable customer support
  • dollar icon advertising credits marketing tokenFree marketing credits.
  • control panel icon gear smallInstall Central

install central - the one click installer

code script iconYou can think of install central as the marketplace of scripts and applications for websites. It is where you’ll find numerous web applications which can be added to your website. The best thing about this tool is its quick-install feature. With just one click, you can already enjoy the application you selected on your own site. FatCow uses this unique installer to allow its hosting account owners to customize their websites and integrate new features hassle-free.

In the past, adding applications to a website is a very challenging task. You’ll need webmasters to do it for you lest you end up ruining your whole site. This is because applications and scripts must be embedded on the site’s source code and several files must be added to your server’s directory. One mistake in placing the code can completely mess up your site. Nowadays, web applications can now be downloaded and installed on websites.

code coding language programmingAlthough it lets you add applications without touching the codes and scripts, this procedure also takes a lot of effort and time depending on the size of the application you want to install. These are all eliminated by Install Central. There you’ll find the most commonly used and installed applications ready for integration. Just click on which script you want to install and follow the instructions.

Applications and Scripts

Applications-iconWeb applications and scripts which can be installed through Install Central are divided into many categories such as blogs, e-commerce tools, CMS or content management systems, photo galleries and more. And you can install any of them for free. Here’s a list of these applications and scripts:

1. Content Management Systems/CMS

  • Drupal
  • Joomla
  • E107
  • Mambo

2. Blogging Software

  • B2Evolution
  • WordPress
  • PixelPost

3. Photo Gallery Applications

  • ZenPhoto
  • Gallery 2
  • Coppermine

4. Forum Applications

  • GBook
  • phpBB
  • SMF

5. E-Commerce Tools

  • AgoraCart
  • ZenCart
  • ShopSite
  • osCommerce

6. Other Applications

  • phpFormGenerator
  • OpenRealty
  • Gregarius
  • MediaWiki
  • SugarCRM
  • X7Chat
  • WebCalendar
  • Moodle
login icon dashboardTry to check out FatCow’s knowledgebase found in their site or you can use this URL: www.fatcow.com/knowledgebase/. There you’ll find a more detailed discussion of each application or script so you’ll know which to install on your site. Install Central is so easy to use; you won’t even need detailed tutorials to install any application.
    • green number 1All you need to do is log in to your hosting account with FatCow. Upon logging in, the control panel is the first thing you’ll see. Just scroll down until you see the “InstallCentral” icon.
    • green number 2Just click on it and you’ll be directed to a page where a list of scripts and applications is displayed.
    • green number 3Simply choose which one you want to add to your website and then click the “Begin Installation” button.
    • green number 4Follow the instructions on the next page and enter some information like the installation directory.
    • green number 5Click “Install” and just wait until the installation is finished. That’s it; you can already use the application you installed.

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