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topimgdata center server web hostingFor those who want to be more technically savvy, you can start learning about the technical terms related to your web hosting. Sometimes when you need to redirect other domains to your website or when you switch your domain name, you may encounter the term Name Server within your admin console.

Before you freak out and look for the next “tech guy” to help you out, this is something that you can actually learn how to do.

questionWouldn’t it be great if you can do some of the minor adjustments (which have big impacts) on your own? That you are not totally dependent on your web guy to fix everything for you? Let’s start with the name servers. What are these, anyway, and how do you use them and change them for your website?

what are name servers

server hosting databaseName servers are machines or computers that serve your website. There are several name servers involved in making sure your website works as it should. One of the most commonly heard of is the DNS or the Domain Name System. What does the DNS do? To put it simply:
  • It acts as the primary gateway to responses regarding its database
  • It holds the record for your mail exchange server files
  • It holds the A and AAA addresses for your host

domain transfer with hosting iconFor practical implications, you need to change your DNS settings when you want to point a particular domain towards a certain server. For example, you just bought your iloveshoes.com domain and you want it to also point to the existing shoeshoppingonline.com. This kind of redirection increases your foot traffic to your website and can simply be done by editing the DNS settings from your admin console.

How to change FatCow name servers

Here’s a simple guide on how you can change your name server settings if you are on FatCow:

    • green number 1Go to your Domain Central for FatCow users.For other hosting companies, this is an icon within your vDeck or cPanel main page.
    • green number 1Look for the domain that you want to change or edit and then select the “+” icon. There should be a Name Servers tab within that. Click it.
    • green number 1There will be two options – Use default name servers and Use different name servers. If you choose the default mode then this will not require any further action from you. If you choose the different name servers, then you need a few extra steps. This often requires special knowledge from your tech guy, so to speak. So if I were you, go for the default name servers setting.
    • green number 1Click save when you are done so that the changes can take effect.

For FatCow, the name server settings are:

  • Ns1.fatcow.com
  • Ns2.fatcow.com

Do I have different name servers when I switch web hosts

database transfer hosting serverWhen you decide to switch hosts, you need to change your DNS settings so that your domains are now pointed to the updated server. If you don’t do this then your domain, which is like your store address, will always point to the old server.

This can be catastrophic since the old server, if not paid for monthly, can be shut down by the web hosting company. So when you switch web hosts, this is probably the first thing that you need to do.

Is the process the same when I switch to FatCow

login icon dashboardThe process of changing DNS settings is the same with FatCow. This all happens on the account that bought your domains – usually from GoDaddy. But if you get more domains from FatCow, you can also manage it from the vDeck panel so that you don’t have to do multiple logins of various web admin tools to get things done.

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