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topimgEvery day, more and more people get into the business of eCommerce. When you decide to do that, one of the first things you need to have is web visibility, either in the form of a Facebook page or your own website. Having your own website gives your services a lot more credibility than just a Facebook page.

fatcow serversYou can use both of them but having your own .com really speaks a lot. What do you need to have your own website? You need your design, your content and above all, a web host where you will store all this data so that it is accessible via the Internet 24/7. Every web host is powered by a server (or many different servers).

what do you mean by servers

database hosting iconServers are actual, physical computers powered 24/7 that processes your site’s information. Which photo to display, which users to allow to login, which products to sell etc. Every web hosting solution is powered by at least one server. It is called a server because in tech speak, the website is called a client. For every client, you need a server.

Are there different types of web hosting solutions

There are many different types of web hosting solutions out there. Here’s a quick briefing as to what sort of web hosting solutions you can choose from.

  •  Shared hosting solutions mean that you are sharing ONE server with many other clients. This means that this is often the cheapest way to host your site and if you do not require too much processing power, this is a very practical way to go.
  •  Dedicated hosting solutions mean that you are the sole occupant of one machine or server. This is why it is called dedicated. This also means you alone shoulder the costs of running that server and of course, this is a much more expensive option for you.
  •  VPS or virtual private servers are individual and independent servers within a single machine. They act separately and yet they all reside in one machine. Usually, setups like this charge you per consumption so it can be cheap for you or very expensive.
  •  Cloud hosting solutions are virtual servers created over the internet, which are usually powered by several servers at a time, in various locations. Many believe that this is the ideal set up now but this is also a quite expensive option for you, especially for beginners.

What is the most affordable type of hosting solution

storageThe cheapest way to host your site, especially if you are just starting, is to use a shared hosting server like what FatCow uses. Most of the time, shared hosting solutions are around $5 per month, although some premium services like Yahoo’s, cost less than $10 per month.

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