FatCow Shopping Cart

topimgOne opportunity to make money online is to have an online store. There are many people who shop online nowadays. The convenience of shopping online and having reasonable price attract people to shop online.

earn online coins domain moneySelling online is another way to boost your earnings. This can be possible with FatCow Shopping Cart. You can sell online with FatCow web hosting plan that includes selling tools. The plan not only builds websites but may also increase your savings through selling online.

What are the selling tools that are included in FatCow web hosting plan

shopping cat fatcow icon toolThe Fatcow selling tools can be of real help to you to promote your online store in the Internet. The selling tools that you can use are the FatCow shopping cart andsome sales options. There are also catalogues wherein products are listed and the customers can select which products they are going to buy.

what is a shopping cart

fatcow online storeShopping cart is a software program for you to sell online. It completes customers’ transactions from ordering and purchasing process to delivery and shipping of products. It includes also inventory tracking. Your selling store can be integrated with PayPal so it is compulsory to have a PayPal account if you wish to sell online.

PayPal is a trusted payment service that sends and receives payment throughout many countries. The customers can also pay using credit cards. In this web hosting plan, credit cards are accepted online.

shopping cart iconShopping Cart is included and free in FatCow Web Hosting Plan. You may buy this plan with a reasonable price of only $4.08 monthly or $49 for the first year. This is a promotional and introductory price and will be renewed after the first term with a rate of $9.99 monthly. This plan will give you opportunity to earn through selling online. Buy it now for an affordable price!

Are there any other Fatcow’s offers of Shopping Cart in other plans

You may also use the CGI- based shopping cart if your hosting plan includes CGI script support. FatCow hosting has e-commerce services too that can promote your online store. This includes the ShopSite Shopping Cart.

what is a shopsite shopping cart

shopsite banner
A ShopSite shopping carts are for small and medium businesses. This is included with FatCow’s e-commerce services. ShopSite meets your needs and the needs of customers. They can pay online through Google checkout, Internet merchant, or PayPal. The features of ShopSite Shopping Carts are the ShopSite Starter, the ShopSite Manager, and the ShopSite Pro.

small businessThe ShopSite Starter is for small business and includes 15 products and 5 pages. The shipping is flexible and there are handling options too. It supports dual currency and has automatic customer receipts. It has a global web editing software. The ShopSite Starter is free in many hosting plans.

medium storeThe ShopSite Manager is for medium business and can sell many products. It has unlimted pages and integrated with Google Analytics. The Store search operates and there are products that are “on sale”. One can order download into Quickbooks too. It has a mobile device support. It has templates too for your online store and shopping cart. ShopSite Manager can be bought for $79.95 per quarter.

office-buildingThe ShopSite Pro is for business with volumes of products to sell. It has a Facebook store and an inventory tracking. In ShopSite Pro, there are coupons to be given for sales and discounts. There are gift certificates too. It has a customer reward program for customer’s loyalty. It also has a bar code scanner support and tracking for sales. It has the ability to give quantity and order discount. The price rate of ShopSite Pro is $139.95 per quarter.

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