FatCow Unlimited Domains

topimgThe growth of Internet online and web users are expanding infinitely. Millions of people all over the world use the internet every day. They use the computer and Internet online for personal or for business purposes. Many domain names are created and registered to their web host companies.

domain registrationOne can also see many domains in a website because website owners can host unlimited domains. Hosting unlimited domains in one single hosting account is certainly of beneficial to you and to your business. It will give you opportunities for online development and enlargement.

What are the advantages of hosting unlimited domains

where in the world domain globe iconHosting unlimited domains in your website can increase the number of views of the pages of your website. This can be of help to you and to your business. Many visitors are going to view the contents of your personal or business site.

This heightens the possibility of gaining more customers for your business. Having unlimited domains mean having unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth or data transfer.

bandwidth icon database hosting serverAmple storage is good to accommodate many servers. The FatCow web hosting provides unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth. Another advantage is that there are expansions and growth online with unlimited domains in your website.

What is unlimited domain hosting by FatCow

domain userThe unlimited domain hosting is having multiple domain names in your website with single hosting account. You don’t need to pay each domain name rather it is credited to one single account you have with your web hosting company.

The simple process of hosting unlimited domains is log in first with your web hosting company with your username and password and you can start hosting them in your website.

With FatCow web hosting plan, you can have the unlimited domain accounts for free. You just have to sign up with FatCow web hosting plan.

domain with price tagThe FatCow Web Hosting Plan is 50% on sale now and it has a price rate of $49 for a year. This rate can be renewed after a year. Get this Fatcow Web Hosting Plan and you will enjoy the benefits of hosting unlimited domain accounts in your website.

FatCow is also in partnership with JustHost with cPanel Reseller Hosting Plan. This is another plan with different features wherein you can also host unlimited domains.

How does JustHost with cPanel Reseller Hosting work with FatCow

just host domain fatcow domainFatCow joined with JustHost to come up with a hosting plan called cPanel Reseller Hosting Plan. The cPanel Reseller Hosting Plan includes unlimited domains, unlimited hosting accounts, unlimited subdomains, and unlimited MySQL Databases and WHCMCS or the client executive billing software.

JustHost Reseller Hosting Plan also features a free registration of domain name, money – back guaranteed, private name servers, free website templates, free site builder software, and unlimited FTP accounts. It has a free billing system that includes full website statistics such as the Awstats, Webalizer, error log, free simple scripts, automatic installer such as WordPress, Joomla installs, and instant shopping carts and forums. It has a client manager too that consists of a license ClientExec, auto billing and can alter or append the accounts of the customers.

control panelJustHost Reseller has this reseller control panel called WHM or the Web Host Manager. The WHM or the web host manager gives your customers the cPanel or control panel. This cPanel lets your customers customize the pages of their websites and utilize their email accounts, data bases, adds-on domains and many more.

How much is the Fatcow Reseller Hosting Plan

price tag dollar 1995The FatCow Reseller Hosting Plan has a promotional price now for only $19.95 monthly. There are no secreted fees, have instant activation and with free billing system.

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