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topimgEvery new web admin should know that there is a dashboard used for managing your website. This is helpful whether you are just managing a single site for personal use or multiple other sites as a business. There are various types of web admin dashboards being used today but one of the most popular ones is vDeck.

Main features of vDeck

What should you expect when you have vDeck as your dashboard? You should have:

    • ftpWebsite management tools like FTP access and identifying accounts for access to the site (and the admin tool itself)
    • email to webhosting hubEmail tools like creation of accounts, managing spam filters (more on that in a separate section below)
    • code script iconInstallation of scripts and kits like a WordPress kit for easier blogging and content management
    • monitoring statistics marketing chart pie iconMonitoring tools like number of visits and views, number of users and the current storage capacity of your server
    • seo iconnManagement of marketing efforts and SEO tasks
    • server database iconAddition and configuration of databases, which is very useful for those handling lots of products
    • browser secured fatcow iconManagement of your Front Page extensions so that you can quickly create websites using templates and ready-made pages for a faster website launch
    • security lock with check iconSecurity suite management tools, which help you see the number of attacks and how they were addressed by your system.

There are many more features in vDeck but these are the most important ones that even beginners should be able to understand.

Advantages of using vDeck

thumbs-up-iconOne of the biggest advantages of vDeck is that it is easy to look at. There are no daunting scripts and boring user interfaces. It just looks like an ordinary application with big icons and fonts for easy reading. It has tabs for easy navigation and you don’t have to read a manual to be able to look for what you need.

vDeck is quite similar to another popular admin tool, cPanel, so this means that if you are a cPanel user, you are able to migrate to vDeck in just a few seconds. It is not cluttered and is very easy to understand, even for first time users.

Features in detail Email management

email managementEmail management is one of the most important things and one of the first few things that you alter when you get your hands in a web admin dashboard. When you get your domain and hosting, you immediately want to set up an email relating to that domain, like a [email protected] so that you can be contacted immediately.

Some features that you will need are:

  • Accounts creation. You will be able to create multiple accounts within your dashboard. In the case of FatCow where you can create unlimited email accounts, you can do that through vDeck.
  • Spam filtering. Your spam filtering, and what you want to do with caught spam mail, is set from the email management section of vDeck.
  • You can check your email via a link to the web client (web application) for you to check your emails online. No need to install Outlook or use Thunderbird to check your email.
  • View your email settings in case you really want to use a third party application to check your mail.

Other Perks of Going Fatcow

vDeck is the dashboard being used by FatCow users. This is provided for every FatCow account. Along with the use of vDeck on FatCow , you also get the following features:

    • my sql add table server hosting databaseUnlimited data storage and data traffic
    • customer-support-icon1Support for WordPress for no extra charge
    • database icon with thumbnailUnlimited databases
    • green tech icon sign100% green energy powered
    • money iconAnytime money back guarantee
    • money back guarantee wallet coin iconVery affordable monthly rate of $1.99 per month for the first three months.

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