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topimgInternet users and customers are attracted to the contents of the pages of a website. Many people visit a website with good designs, proper templates, and useful contents. This will develop one’s personal and business sites. You can create the pages of your own website and it is easier with Site Building tools of FatCow Website Builder.

fat cow design web templateYou can design them in more professional look, the simple way or a contemporary one. The Website Builder includes tools that create your own web pages and it comes free with FatCow Web Hosting Plan. The FatCow Web Hosting Plan is 50% sale now and you can get it for only $49 for one year.

What are the uses of Site Building tools of FatCow Website Builder

web builderSite building tools give a new look to your website depending on how you are going to design it. Templates and themes are available and can enhance the overall look of your website. You can also edit the contents, images, and information of your website. There are also add-ons such as uploading video or audio files, photo galleries, site blog, maps, weather viewers, and many more.

To start building your website and create its pages, you need to select which Site Editor you are going to choose. The Site Editors are the methods that can build your website. They edit and create your pages with the designs you select.

The Site Editors available in FatCow Website Builder are the SiteDelux, the Microsoft Front Page, Website Creator by CM4 all and Text Editor/Fly.

How to select a Site Editor

To select a Site Editor the following steps must be followed:

    • green number 1Log in with the account you have in FatCow Web Hosting.
    • green number 1Go to Set Site Editor Page.
    • green number 1Choose one among the Site Editors namely the SiteDelux, Microsoft Front Page, Website Creator by CM4 all and Text Editor/Fly.
    • green number 1Click the Set Site Editor.

How do SiteDelux and Website Creator by CM4 all work

html iconBoth SiteDelux and Website Creator by CM4 all are online creation tools that can design and edit the pages of your website without the knowledge of HTML or the Hyper Text Markup Languages. To use SiteDelux as your Site Editor you have to log in first with your account username and password.

fatcow control panel administrationThen go to web site management and to control panel. There are available templates that complete the process of creating your own web pages. You just have to click the most desired style and the way you want them to be. Just follow the instructions until you finish designing your pages. Then have it preview so that you can still edit them. Finally, publish them with FatCow web hosting.

SiteDelux has many add-ons too such as add photo gallery, add sounds and video, a site blog, an RSS Feed, maps, and many more.

password iconTo go to Website Creator by CM4 all, you have to log in first at your FatCow hosting account then go to control panel. From the top menu, go to “free site builder with CM4 all” then click it. After that select a domain you want it to be attached. Then you can start creating the pages of your website using the templates available. Once you are finished, publish it in Internet with FatCow web hosting.

Building your Website with Drag and Drop Site Builder

You can also use the drag and drop site builder to create and edit the pages and information of your website.

    • green number 1To start with, first log in and go to control panel. Then, select and click the Drag and Drop Site Builder then choose a domain.
    • green number 1After doing these, you begin designing your website with themes and templates that are available. There are four tabs available with this site builder namely the elements, designs, pages, and settings.
    • green number 1Once you are finished designing your pages, you are now ready to promote your website by just clicking the “publish” button.

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