FatCow Whois Guard

topimgemail iconMany Internet users and website owners have mailboxes and email accounts. They receive many email messages from their legitimate contacts and customers every day. Email can be a good way to communicate with your relatives, friends, and with your customers. However, they are not free from spammers who send spams or junk messages. Some spammers may want to spy on you and your computer program so they send spams or they want to advertise commercials.

This may happen when spammers trace your contact information such as your name, email address, contact number in “Whois” search engine. Whois database records and stores all registered domain names that include their contact information and list them in Whois search engine. To have a website, it is required that you register your domain name.

user iconIn doing so, you have to give your contact information to your web host company. The web host company will list it to “Whois” database and be in “Whois” search engine. The “Whois” search engine can be accessed in public, chances are that spammers can get your contact information especially your email address. With the help of Fat Cow Whois Guard, this can be avoided and your private information can be protected.

What is definition of spammers

spam emailSpammers are people who send unruly messages or spams through posting them in computer network or send them through your email address. The messages have links that may have spyware or viruses that can trash or destroy your computer. The spammer searches your email information through Whois search engine wherein your domain name with your contact information is listed.

What can FatCowWhois Guard Program provide for you

user icon id identificationAs you give your contact information to your web host company, your privacy is at stake because it will be listed in Whois search engine. This search engine is visible to the public and spammers can get your contact information. The FatCowWhois Guard gives importance to your privacy or to your private information. They also have this FatCow Privacy Policy and the FatCow’s Anti-Spam Policy.

domain userFatCow’s Privacy Policy assures you that your personal information is in strict confidence. They do not share your personal information to the third parties unless you have your permission. About the domain registration, it complies with the rule of Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. The FatCow’s Anti-Spam Policy also complies with the rules of the United States CAN-Spam Act of 2003. With these policies and with FatCowWhois Guard Program, your private information will be surely protected.

How can you acquire a FatCowWhois Guard Program

signup icon fatcow iconFatCowWhois Guard Program can be obtained free for the first year. Just sign up with FatCow and you will have the FatCowWhois Guard Program. This rate is renewable after the first year with little amount. You will have no regrets and it is worth the pay.

How does FatCowWhois Guard Program operate

email whois guardYour contact information is necessary for your domain name to be registered. It will be visible at Whois database and Whois search engine. However, with Fat Cow Whois Guard Program your email information will not appear. It will be replaced by Whois guard. In this way, the spammers will not see your real email information. This will avoid the sending of spam messages and junk mails.

It is also necessary that you give to Whois Guard program your real and legitimate contacts so that you can receive emails from them in your inbox. It is in your discretion too to turn on and turn off the Fat Cow Whois Guard Program. However, turning it on always will definitely protect you from spammers.

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