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topimgMost young ones aspire to become bloggers these days because you can easily see the popularity (and the income) of the bloggers. It is really their time today and you cannot mention the word blog without this term popping out of your head – WordPress. Content management systems like WordPress make blogging so accessible and easy to do. Before, you need to manually edit your html and insert your text content.

wordpress writing logo blogThen you need to host your photos somewhere else and include the URL to the photo repository. If you want to write a draft but publish it some other time, there is no other way to do it but to manually edit it just before publishing. Now, with the help of WordPress, there are so many things that you can do without even knowing how to code in HTML.

What Can WOrdpress bring to your site

With the help of WordPress, you can do the following things:

    • wordpress image pic and video galleryEasily search through your uploaded media like photos and videos. You can even tag the contents according to various categories for easier classification.
    • writing blog wordpressCreate a post and save as a draft. You can revisit it later or even take it down completely.
    • calendar schedule a postSchedule a post. Write a series of contents to be published at specific times of the day for easier management of future posts.
    • social media iconsLink your site to Facebook and Twitter using the WordPress plugins that are often free of charge
    • phone icon link to desktop settingsEasily port your desktop site to a mobile version (even a customized iPhone look) with just the use of a WordPress plugin
    • seo iconPerform SEO efforts on your site so that you can increase your ranking, also with the help of a plugin
    • gallery rating iconQuickly create product galleries with classy and smooth transitions to increase the attractiveness of your product photos

This is just the tip of the iceberg. WordPress has helped not just bloggers but also big news sites like CNN and The New York Times blog since it makes management of their contents (and the comments within it) much easier.

Wordpress Requirements

If you want to install WordPress in your current hosting setup, just make sure that it supports the requirements below:

  • PHP version 5.2.4 or later
  • MySQL version 5.0 or later

These are just the two requirements that you will need to run WordPress. This is very basic and is present in nearly all of the popular hosting solutions out there.

Other useful hosting features to look for

Now that you are looking at WordPress, there are some other features that you might want to have for your blog, which may be supported by your chosen web hosting solutions provider:

  • Marketing credits like Google Ads, free Yellow Pages listing or Facebook ad credits
  • Free use of SEO tools and site building templates
  • Free security suites to at least protect you from spam mail and typical malware attacks
  • Anytime money back guarantee so that you wont be scared to try out their offers
  • Easy to use admin dashboard like vDeck or cPanel

What else can you get with iPage

support help customerThe mentioned features above PLUS the support for WordPress are both supported by FatCow. You get these for less than $2 per month for the first 3 months and then after that you get the full price of $2.99 per month.

globe domain like thumbs upThey are a shared web hosting provider that has probably one of the cheapest monthly rates as of this writing. Fatcow is being used by not just blogs but lots of other sites, too. Right now, they support more than 1,000,000 websites.

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