Fatcow’s SSLs- For online security and protection


topimgSSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. This is a technology developed by Netscape that sends an encrypted link between the web server and browser. A web server is a computer that shows up a web site or page when it is requested by a user.

browser secured fatcow iconA web browser is a software application that connects with a web server to allow access to a requested web site or page. SSL is embedded in all popular web browsers and automatically activates when a user connects with it. You can know whether a web server is SSL enabled when its URL address starts with https.

how ssl provides online security and protection

ssl icon certificate securityOnce your browser connects with an SSL enabled server, it asks for a certificate of authority which is digital in form. This certificate contains the name and signature of the server and your browser authenticates this information and makes sure that you are dealing with the correct web server.

Once this initial authentication pushes through, all information that you will send will be automatically be encrypted before it leaves your computer. On its way to the receiver this encrypted information cannot be read. When it reaches the computer of the receiver it is decrypted so that the receiver can read it. Likewise, the message from the receiver’s end is also encrypted before it travels to the sender’s computer.

ssls in fatcow

Fatcow is a web hosting provider. It offers TrueBusinessID with Extended Validation. This is an enhanced SSL certificate that will boost the confidence of your clients in doing business with you. The following are the features of TrueBusinessID with Extended Validation:

  • Geo Trust True Site seal with a stamp of your company name, date and time
  • Up to 256-bit of encryption
  • Extended validation
  • Universal compatibility with all browsers including mobile browsers
  • Trusted green bar
  • Validity options of 1-2 years
  • EV upgrader technology
  • Free phone, email and web technical support

A TrueBusinessID with Extended Validation will provide the following benefits for your business:

  • Secure online transactions
  • Increase customer confidence leading to more transactions
  • Sends the message to your clients that you take security seriously

lock iconWith TrueBusinessID with Extended Validation, your address bar will turn green. This indicates that any transactions done on your website are secure and safe. Once your clients see this green bar they will be more confident in dealing with you since they will be safe when making online transactions with you. The Geo Trust True Site seal will further enhance the confidence of your clients in doing business with you.

business requirements in getting EV certificate

geotrust-encryptionGeo Trust is the provider of TrueBusinessID with Extended Validation SSL certificate. It conducts the necessary validation and verification processes before issuing this certificate. The following business organizations can qualify for this certificate:
  • Business entity subjects
  • Private organizations
  • Non commercial subject entities
  • Government subject entities

the application process

ev certifiedIf your business qualifies for the EV certificate, you can begin the application process. Before applying make sure that all your administrator information in your domain is correct. This will be used for communication purposes. Verify that all your legal contact information about your business is the same with the Whols legal contact information for your domain. Disable domain privacy setup throughout the duration of the application process.

Once you have done all these pre-validation steps, you can buy TrueBusinessID. Select the domain you want this certificate to be applied on and click Submit. Fill out the Acknowledgment of Agreement form provided and submit to Geo Trust using the information provided for you. The whole process usually takes 3-10 days.

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