How Much Do Extra Domains Cost On iPage?

domainsOnly a few web hosting providers offer free domain registration to their users. If you signed up with iPage, you will know that you have one free domain for the first year. But what if you still want more domains?


What is a Domain name?

click on worldDomain names or simply domains are used to identify your website. They are the ones you see in the web address when you go to a website. It is also the means through which you can access a particular site. An example of a domain name is The .com is also known as a domain extension, and there are other extensions available like .net, .org, .biz, and others.

Domains are purchased from and registered with Domain Registrars. Sometimes, web hosts can also act as domain registrar by allowing their users to select and register their own domain directly with it. iPage is one of these web hosts.


iPage’s free domain

www domainOne of the best features of iPage which made it stand out from all other web hosts is its free domain registration. By signing up with iPage web hosting, you can already have your own domain name without paying additional costs. However, you must take note of two important things about this iPage freebie.First is that only one domain is free. And second, the domain will only be free for the first year.

This means that upon the expiration of one (1) year, you already have to pay renewal costs or fees for your previous domain name or purchase a domain anew.


iPage Domain Costs

iconMONEYAs mentioned earlier, you only get one domain name free for the first year (so better choose your domain wisely). After that, you will lose your domain name and your options are either to renew it or purchase a new domain from iPage or other domain registrars. If you decide to stay with iPage and renew your domain registered with it, you need to pay renewal costs to reactivate your old domain name.

renewalRenewal costs have the same price as iPage’s regular domain rates. Domain costs also vary depending on the TLD or Top-Level Domain you wish to use. These are commonly known as extensions and appear as suffixes attached to domain names. The most common and widely used TLD is .com. With iPage, the regular price of a domain name with a .com TLD is $14.99 per year and requires a minimum term of only one year.

com iconThe domain price and minimum term for other TLDs vary and range from $9.99 to $34.95 per year. The .net TLD is the cheapest with a domain price of only $9.99 per year. You can find a complete table of TLDs and Domain prices at iPage’s official site or you can directly go to that page using this link:


Domain Renewal and Transfer Procedures

domain renewalDomain renewal with iPage is quite easy because of DomainCentral. DomainCentral is a one stop domain manager feature exclusive to iPage that allows you to organize and manage all your domains, whether they are hosted by iPage or registered somewhere else. It also displays the status of each of your domains making it easier for you to verify whether your domains are about to expire.In addition, it allows you to renew your domain with just one click because you can find the “Renew” button for each domain beside them.

If you cannot afford iPage’s domain costs or just want to switch to another domain registrar, you can also transfer your domains through DomainCentral.Transferring domains will require you to first unlock your selected domain and obtaining a Transfer Authorization Code to verify the transfer. You can do all these in the DomainCentral, just follow their video tutorial located in their official site.

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