How Much do Extra Domains Cost on WebHostingHub?

Extra domains on webhostinghub

topimgWebsites give business owners the ability to connect to their target audience and beyond that on a significantly larger demographic scale. And when small businesses grow in success, so do the specifications and needs of their website; some WebHostingHub subscribers may want extra domains in order to maximize the functionality of one website.

how do i set up a domain on webhostinghub

domain flat iconEnter a domain name – Searching for a domain name is free, you will need to check the availability to make sure that the website name you want isn’t taken yet. If your domain name of choice is unavailable, you will need to use another one.

signup icon flatDomain Registration – On WebHostingHub, the charge for domain registration is $14.99 per domain type per year. You will also need to register the number of years you want to keep your domain on the payment plan.

privacy flat iconDomain privacy – this is optional and can be availed by users that prefer a private domain. This addition will cost $9.99.

true billing icon flatBilling – to pay for your domain, use the drop down selection of your billing information already on file. Changing payment method can also be done by editing your billing section.

payment methodPayment method – you will have a choice to either pay with any major credit card, PayPal, or through e-commerce.

billing statementTerms of Service – make sure this is read fully and carefully before agreeing to it.

After registration, you can start building your site, after time and proven success, you may want to add a new domain. But this needs to be well thought of too, are you sure that your current domain will not be able to handle what you need?

things to consider before buying a new domain

    • bluechecklist Is this new set-up a completely different and separate website to your current domain?
    • bluechecklist Do you want a new domain with the same website name as your last one with a different end? e.g. .com, .net, .org.
    • bluechecklist Are you planning on using your new domain as a shop or for blogging?
    • bluechecklistAfter you are sure about what you need, now consider the three different types of domain additions available on WebHostingHub.

what new domains can i add

domain registrationAdd-on Domain – this option is to create a domain and website that is completely separate and practically unrelated to your current domain. With this option you can create as many websites as you need, all with their own domain names.

how can i add an add on dimain

  • Go through cPanel and click on Domains and choose Add-on Domain, you will be linked to a new screen where you will need to fill out the needed information for this new domain which will include: new domain name, Ftp username, document root, and password. Select the ‘Add Domain’ option when you finish and
  • Parked Domain – this is the option for creating a new domain while still using your current website name. e.g. your current website is called, by adding a parked domain you extend your website to either or This has also been a more convenient choice for people with long domain names who need/want to expect e-mails from their customers but want to give them something easier and shorter to remember.

  • As always, log in through cPanel and click on your desired domain addition under ‘Domains’. Unlike add-on domains, this option does not have a fill out form. You simply type in the domain you want and verify.
  • Subdomain – a subdomain is entwining two domains into one by adding blogs or shops to the current website. e.g. becomes

how do i add a subdomain

Through cPanel, click on Domains and then Subdomains. You will be linked to a box with a domain creation process; WebHostingHub immediately gives you a document root that you have the option of changing upon preference. When finished, click ‘Create’.

Remember: each new domain costs $14.99 per year each, and if you take the domain privacy option, this will cost you an additional $9.99 a year for every domain.

Now that you have your current domain and new additional domain/s depending on your preference, it may be hard to keep up with multiple renewal dates.

how do i renew my domains

automatic reviewClose to the end of your contract time, WebHostingHub will automatically renew your domain for you and charge it to your account as well as send you an accompaniment e-mail with a receipt. This is done to avoid the consequence of possibly losing your server access upon missed payment and also reduces the risk of anyone else claiming and registering your domain name.

how long will my domain last for

calendar iconBased on the new system by WebHostingHub’s account billing, new domains can now be registered for a minimum of 3 months at a time. Otherwise, domains may be registered and last for every 3 monthly period i.e. 6 months, 9 months, or for a full year or more. WebHostingHub will send you a notification when your contract time is almost up as a reminder for payment or renewal.

domain globe iconCreating additional domains for websites can provide better organization of a subscriber’s website and can hence bring more traffic to the site. WebHostingHub provides you will all the tools, options, and instructions to ensure your success.

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