How to Process Credit Card Payments on iPage

credit cardsThe credit card system made it possible to engage in business transactions without the need of carrying money wherever you go. All you need is a “plastic” on your wallet and you can purchase goods anywhere in the world. But this is not necessarily true in the World Wide Web since not all websites offer credit card payments support. Accepting credit card payments on your website is a definite plus and can expand your business’ clientele.

Fortunately, you can get credit card support from iPage through its partnership with some known merchant solutions provider.



Your Credit Card Support Options

iPage offers two options to its users for credit card payment support. These two are AcceptSafe and PayPal. Both of them will install a credit card payment gateway on your website to accommodate credit card acceptance and processing.



AcceptSafe is a known merchant solution provider and provides a secured payment gateway to accept credit card payments from a website’s customers. Most website owners prefer AcceptSafe due to its low rates and wide support for most credit cards including MasterCard, Visa, Discover Network and American Express.

veirifiedRegistering with AcceptSafe is not simple. You will have to go through a long process of online merchant application. The system ensures that only those capable of supporting credit card processing can use their system. Its screening process includes some Q & A regarding the applicant’s personal and financial information.Afterwards, AcceptSafe will have to verify the application. Once accepted, the applicant will receive a response from AcceptSafe’s representative through email or otherwise. It usually takes a long time but waiting time should not exceed one day.

Once accepted, you can now set up AcceptSafe on your website. Websites hosted by iPage can be installed with its software in just a few clicks because of its “plug and play” process. Its installation is made simple by iPage through SimpleScripts.


paypal logo

If you are engaged in e-commerce, you definitely know what PayPal is. For years, it served as an online wallet for millions of users allowing payment and acceptance of money in just a few clicks. This makes it a global leader when it comes to bank transfers, debit cards, credit card processing, and PayPal balance paymentsmaking it a trusted name in online banking.If you have a website hosted by iPage, then you can also have PayPal to manage credit card payments for you.

easy steps paypalInstalling PayPal on your website is not as hard as it thinks. This is because no complex programming or source code manipulation is actually required. Installation can be done in a few easy steps and the entire process will only take more or less 15 minutes. It is actually fast that your website will not even experience any downtime to accommodate the installation.

For credit card payment processing, you can select between PayPal’s two options: either PayPal Payments Standard or PayPal Payments Pro. Your choice will depend on your website’s credit card payment needs. PayPal Payments Standard is the regular version of PayPal credit card support and includes all the necessary tools to process credit card payments.PayPal Payments Pro, on the other hand, is an upgrade of the regular version and supports e-commerce websites with high volume of traffic. It ensures that credit card processing, which usually takes a lot of resources, will not affect the site’s performance.

ecommerce2PayPal Payments Pro also has support for offline credit card processing. Finally, PayPal Payments Pro can transform your home computer into a working credit card terminal through its so-called “Virtual Terminal” feature. You can find all the information you need about credit card processing on iPage through their official site.

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