How to Process Credit Card Payments on WebHostingHub

topimgcredit cart managerAre you short of money but can’t wait to pay your chosen webhosting package from WebHostingHub? Then you have no more time to waste for you can pay the costs through your credit cards. Credit card payments are both favorable to the consumer and the company and you’ll know why in a bit. For now, the steps below will show you how easy it is to pay your webhosting package through the use of your credit card.

But before that, you have to know if your type of credit card is accepted by WebhostingHub.

four accepted credit cards of webhosting hub

4 credit cards
  • Visas
  • Master Cards
  • Discovers
  • American Express

The process of paying WebHostingHub through credit cards is very easy, for you can explore it on your own. The most basic step is to access the website of WebHostingHub.

steps of credit card payment

    • number 4Go to WebHostingHub website. If you are a starter, Click the button “Create a Website”.step 1 go to webhosting hub and click a create website
  • number 4You will be redirected to the nextpage. Just click get started.step 2 click get started
  • number 4Next, you’ll be asked about the domain of your website. The first option is for those who still need to make a domain name or web address for their website while the second option is for those who already have it. Don’t worry; the domain name is free in WebHostingHub.step 3 the domain
  • number 4After accomplishing the previous step, the website will load next to filling up your account information.step 4 account information
  • number 5Just below the account information, you’ll be able to see the package options you can choose from.step 5 package options
  • number 6Then below the previous step, you’ll see the payment details through credit cards. From there, choose the type of credit card you have.step 6 credit card option
  • number 8Before purchasing, read the payment details over again to make sure you have input the right information.
  • number 9Take for example, the total amount of your webhosting package is 225.63$ then your credit card is charged with that amount and unlike PayPal with no constant rate of renewal fee, your account in WebHostingHub will be renewed every year at the rate of 8.99$ per month.

Whatmakes payment through credit cards favorable to the consumer and to the company

money iconWebHostingHub as stated above have a constant price of 8.99$/month for renewal of accounts. If you’ll choose to pay through PayPal then you’ll be still be asked to go to their whole process of renewal and will lead you to paying a relatively higher amount of renewal fee.

Thus, paying through PayPal might discourage you to continue your plan with WebHostingHub and this is also a loss for the company. Imagine going through another process of looking for webhosting companies and plans just because the renewal fee of paying through PayPal is quite expensive.

credit card icon moneyThe use of credit cards prevents that kind of situation from happening. With the anticipation that you still choose WebHostingHub to host your website, your account is automatically renewed 8.99$/month. No hassle of going through the process of renewal of accounts.

safety of your credit card information is also assured

  • Your credit card information is confidential for not even employees and supervisors of the WebHostingHubCompany can have a full knowledge of it.
  • Your credit card is coded with an encryption of special 3-DES algorithm.
  • Aside from its encryption, your credit card information is also well kept and guarded in the MySQL database
  • If you choose to withdraw your account from WebHostingHub then you can do so and your credit card information will also be removed in the MySQL database.

gift iconWebHostingHub has proven over the years to have not imposed any hidden or extra charges to the customer. The success, the continuous business and relations of the company is built upon trust. Trust to the company is developed by the good service, great deals and the firm technology behind the hosting of the company. Customer satisfaction is based from this.

did you know that

  • There’s a total percentage of 97.9% of people who had contentment with the service of WebHostingHub plans and other benefits included.
  • As discussed above PayPal isn’t favorable so WebHostingHub Company does not support payment through it.
  • BestHostingSearch.NET, one of the sister sites of WebHostingHub has also got good reviews.
  • Another successful webhosting company, InMotion is also a sister company of WebHostingHub. It also has a great number of clients around the world. Isn’t it good to know that sister companies of WebHostingHub have good reputations as well?
  • WebHostingHub also gives about 310+ free applications. If you’re someone who loves applications that much then this is the hosting company for you.
  • WebHostingHub has a very fascinating blog. Go to their website and check it out!
  • Apart from all this additional information about WebHostingHub, the company is able to develop a good image because of carefully built trust the company and employees have acquired in their 13 years of being in the business.

ribbon iconThey give great importance in the safety and satisfaction of their customers which only serve right for the customers. You don’t really pay for safety since WebHostingHub Company will give it right to you. Credit card payments are easy, favorable, and safe. What more can you ask for? You are one click away from getting their good service. Try and find out.

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