How to Set Up a Shopping Cart on iPage

ecommerce1Have you tried purchasing a product online? Then you’ve probably tried using a shopping cart. If you want one on your own site, then take note of the following things.


What is a shopping cart

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The term shopping cart is used to refer to a web application which allows site visitors to literally shop online by providing them with a virtual shopping cart where they can place whatever product they bought from the website, and pay for them when you check out. This software actually does more than just place “Add to Cart” checkboxes below your products.

It is a complete software application which can organize and sort out your products, add labels, pictures and descriptions to them, arrange them in catalogs for display, handle the actions of shoppers, and process the purchase and payment. It revolutionized commercial transactions by keeping the process entirely online. You won’t even have to attend to your purchasers and entertain them face-to-face. It also made online shopping so fast the purchase can take place before you even know it.

partys of shoppong cart

A regular shopping cart application actually consists of two parts: one is the storefront, and the other is called the administration area. Much like an ordinary shopping store, the storefront is where the products are located for display, while the administration area is the so-called “authorized personnel only” part of your store.



As mentioned earlier, this is the part which your site visitors can see and access. It is where your products are organized in a “catalog”so users can have a better look at them. The storefront usually contains, in addition to the catalog, the checkout page which is where you can review and finalize the contents of your shopping cart and pay for them. Payment terms and conditions are also found on this page. Also, you may find in the storefront some other shopping tools which shoppers can use. One of them is the search page which can help shoppers find products on your site much faster. This is important if you have hundreds of products on your catalog.


Administration Area


This part of the shopping cart software is designed for the store owner. It is called the administration area because it is where you administer your internet store. It serves as your control center which allows you to configure your store’s settings and modify the product options such as price, size, color, and others. You can also adjust how your products are displayed by editing the product catalogs here.


shopping-cartYes, you can actually add shopping carts on your iPage-hosted site.And iPage made this easy for their account owners by providing a one-click installer called SimpleScripts. It is an application integrated in your hosting account from which you can install numerous scripts and applications, including shopping carts. In iPage, you can choose from the following available shopping carts: OpenCart, ZenCart, OSCommerce, and Magento.

Because of SimpleScripts, shopping cart installations are made much easier. You can have your own shopping cart installed by following these simple steps:

blue 1Login to your iPage account and go to your admin control panel.



blue 2Scroll down and find the “Simple Scripts” option. . Click on that icon.

simple scripts on ipage


blue 3On the next page, you will see a list of all available applications for installation to your iPage-hosted website. Under the E-Commerce category, select which shopping cart you wish to install, whether it’s ShopSite, Stamps, PrestaShop, AgoraCart, OpenCart or Tomato Cart. Afterwards click the “Install” button.

ecommerce simple scripts ipage


blue 4The next page will display instructions on how to complete the installation and some fields you have to fill-in with some information. Just follow the instructions and wait for the installation to finish. The whole installation may take minutes depending on the application selected.

simple scripts install opencart


And you are done. Enjoy your new shopping cart!

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