How to Transfer Your Website from Yahoo! Hosting to iPage

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Yahoo! is a pioneer when it comes to web hosting. If you signed up with the obsolete geocities web hosting service then you probably know what I am talking about. Today, Yahoo! still offers web hosting services although it is not for free. You can find it under their Yahoo! Small Business section. Yahoo! also offers good web hosting but because of its expensive price, some site owners lose their interest and switch to other web hosting providers. In contrast to Yahoo!, iPage offers the one of the most affordable web hosting services today. Combined with its promotional prices, iPage coupon codes and discount links, the affordable experience offered by iPage convinces more website owners to switch.

THE SWITCH - from yahoo! to iPage titleIf you have finally decided to perform the switch of web hosts then your next question is – How do I transfer my website to iPage? You can do this by transferring your domain registered with Yahoo! to iPage’s domain central. This is a simple task and simply requires online configuration on your hosting accounts.

yahoo domain transfer to ipageBy transferring only your domain name, you will be able to switch web hosting providers without need of transferring all your files and databases from your website. This also means that your site visitors will not notice much of the difference since the change takes place on the server side. Furthermore, your website need not experience downtime before the switch can be completed.

Step-by-step Instructions for transfering title

Transferring domain names is actually a two-part process. First, you need to register your domain name to your new web hosting provider or registrar. Second, you need to cancel your existing domain registration with your old web host or domain registrar. Yahoo! recommends that you strictly follow this process – transfer your domain first before cancelling your old domain registration. This can help you avert any problem in the over-all transfer process.Line-9Now assuming that you have already purchased and complete the registration process with iPage, you can now follow these simple steps to transfer your domain from Yahoo! to iPage:

blue 1icann_logo-300x300First, you need to make sure that at least 60 days have passed since your domain was registered or last transferred. This is in compliance with the ICANN rulesLine-9blue 2You need to unlock your domain name with your original registrar. Web hosting providers automatically keep the domain names locked in their registrar for its security. When transferring a domain name, you need to manually unlock the domain name. To do this, go to your Domain Control Panel then click the “Edit Domain Locking” option. On the next page, click the “Unlock Domain” to alter your domain’s lock status.

domain lockingNote that the domain names can only be unlocked by the plan owner. Furthermore, only active domains and not pending domains can be unlocked.Line-9blue 3Verify your administrative contact email address. This is necessary since you need to confirm the domain transfer through an email sent to this email address.


blue 4Next, obtain a transfer authorization code. Authorization codes are usually assigned by domain name registries (also called transfer keys or EEPs) upon their registration. These codes are required for the transfer of domain names. To get this, go again to your Domain Control Panel then click the “View Your Authorization Code” link. The domain authorization code will be displayed in the next page.

cloud_chNote: You can check out the iPage Knowledgebase which provides a table containing the registrars and the instructions on how to obtain authorization codes from each of them.Line-9

blue 5Now login to your iPage hosting account. Go to your hosting control panel and open the “DomainCentral” icon.

iPage domain central

Line-9blue 6Type in your domain name you wish to transfer [space] Auth Code you get from Yahoo, then click the “Transfer to iPage” button.

iPage domain transferLine-9

blue 7You will receive an email containing instructions. Follow these instructions to complete the transfer process. After this, you can already manage your existing domain through iPage hosting.Line-9

blue 8Again lock your domain name to avoid unauthorized domain transfer.Line-9There you go, your domain name now resides with your iPage hosting account along with your other domain names. You can already control and manage it using iPage’sDomainCentral. To know more about domain transfers, you can try iPage’s video tutorial through this link:

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