InMotion Does Not Offer Coupon Codes

the top imagecoupon code iconPeople always try to look for ways to save on their purchases, and this is a wise thing to do. In web hosting, there are also ways to score savings when you sign up with web hosting providers. There are promotional sales, discount links and coupon codes. However, not all of them are available for each web host.

Some are just fraudulent schemes devised by swindlers to steal your money, that is why it’s important to know which of them are true and which of them are just traps.

inmotion hosting

inmotionhosting logoStarted in 2001, InMotion web hosting has been providing outstanding hosting service to thousands of websites. Unlike other web hosts that offer only shared hosting services, InMotion offers a more flexible set of hosting options. It allows users to purchase more advanced hosting services such as VPS (or Virtual Private Server) and dedicated hosting.

wallet money iconIts features are unmatched and for only $5.95 per month, you’ll get to experience the following services: unlimited bandwidth,unlimited storage, a free FTP account, modern website builders and admin control panel, shared SSL certificate, Google checkout, plus 6 parked domains and 25 subdomains. You will also get free advertising credits care of Yahoo!, Google and Bing.InMotion is so popular that some individuals use its name to defraud people and make them believe in promotional schemes that do not exist.

coupon codes

icon tag couponYou’ve probably heard of coupon codes or promo codes in web hosting. These are used to get discounts when you purchase a hosting service. All you need to do is copy then paste them on a box found in the web host’s registration page. It will automatically reduce the service’s pricing depending on the amount of discount that corresponds to your coupon code.

x icon noneCoupon codes actually exist and many web hosting providers use them as a good marketing scheme. It lets them determine and monitor which websites are sending purchasers to their website by using identifying coupon codes. Coupon code discounts can reach up to 70%, which is why many users try to look for coupon codes first before hitting the “Sign up” button. However, not all web hosts use coupon codes.

no coupon codes for inmotion hosting

no sale discount couponInMotion Hosting does not allow the use of coupon codes. This was even clarified by the web host itself because of the numerous websites that spawned with alleged InMotion Hosting coupon codes. Unfortunately, some of them use InMotion’s name to swindle unsuspecting customers. Because of this, InMotion hosting deemed it proper to post this message in their official site:

“Thank you for visiting InMotion Hosting. There are many sites throughout the web that say they offer coupons, but in fact, InMotion Hosting does not offer any coupons or promotion codes through third-party websites. At InMotion Hosting, we highly emphasize providing fast, reliable web hosting solutions and 24/7 U.S. based customer support.

Occasionally, we may run special offers and promotions, but they are not classified as coupon codes. To find out if there are any current special offers, please call us at 888.321.4678

Please be aware of other website online making misleading offers such as:

    • InMotion Coupon
    • InMotion Hosting Coupon Code
    • InMotion Hosting Coupons
    • InMotion Hosting Code
    • InMotion Hosting Promo Codes

These will finally clear the issues and will serve as a warning for customers who wish to register with any of InMotion Hosting’s services.

wallet money iconAs stated by InMotion itself, their hosting services are not profit-based or geared towards getting as many customers as they can through coupon codes or other promotional schemes. Their foremost consideration is quality and reliable hosting services. Do not be deceived by offers that promise you great savings lest you end up losing the contentsof your savings account.

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