InMotion Hosting CNET Certification

CNET Certification title

certificate icon with CNETThe CNET Internet Services Certification Program rates web hosting providers on three categories: fulfillment of orders, functionality of sites and standards of providers. Each category has a set of criteria upon which these providers are rated. One star is given if a provider meets all the criteria in that category. A three-star certification is the highest rating a provider can get.

InMotion Hosting had been awarded a three-star CNET Certificate for the last ten years

Fullfillment of Orders

The following are the criteria included in this category:

  • Provides a website that is fully capable of handling e-commerce transactions
  • Responds within two business days to all emails and phone calls of customers
  • Swift and efficient solving of order problems
  • Processing and sending of order summary and email confirmations within 1 business day after the order was made
  • Honoring the prices on the CNET website

The website of InMotion Hosting is capable of handling your order. You can directly open an account in their website, Phone numbers and email addresses are provided in case you need assistance.

clock iconInMotion Hosting guarantees a 60-minute response time for any questions you asked in their support page. Contact information concerning sales is provided such as an email address and telephone numbers. You can contact them from 6 am to midnight EST from Monday to Friday and 10 am to 9 pm EST on Saturday and Sunday.

Functionality of the Site

This category has the following set of criteria:

  • Publishing Help and FAQ policy
  • Ensuring security in transactions
  • Providing contact information about the provider
  • Accepting credit cards in transactions

tutorial boardThe Support Center of InMotion Hosting offers tutorials in email, domain names and website. Their Education Channel offers more tutorials on topics such as WordPress, Moodle, Dokuwiki, Website Design and Opencart. These tutorials are patterned after college courses which all start from the basics then proceed to advanced levels.

supportInMotion Hosting offers Community Support wherein you can browse questions and seek answers using the search form that is provided. A LiveChat button is provided through which you can contact technical support. Phone supports are also available 24 hours a day. All contact information about Sales, Accounting or Billing, Support and Customer Resolution can be found in the Contact Us page.

Standards Provider

The following criteria are included in this category:

  • Exceeding industry standards
  • Offering of a 30-day guarantee for basic plans
  • Supplies CNET with the latest pricing and information of package plans, URLs and special offers
  • Customer policy on website
  • Privacy policy on website

unix linuxInMotion Hosting is being run by two operating systems, Linux and Unix. These operating systems are fast and reliable. The technical team oversees this system round the clock in order to detect and correct any short term problems that may arise. InMotion Hosting also uses multiple data centers and its exclusive Max Speed Zones allows you to access your data and files faster. Inmotion Hosting offers a 30-day or 90-day money back guarantees for its packages. Refund policies are stated in the InMotion Hosting Refund Policy page.

reportsInMotion Hosting provides guidelines for its users. Pornographic materials and unsolicited emails are not allowed. The web host has the right to terminate any account without refund when it is proven that the machine is being abused, illegal activities such as fraud and mail bombings are being committed or promoted and using ad-servers. Other details of customer use policy are listed in the Terms of Service/Policy page.

random iconInMotion Hosting considers all information that it collects from its clients as confidential. This is done by using username and passwords. Security measures are implemented by InMotion Hosting to guarantee that client information will not be lost, abused or destroyed. These measures include limited access, use of firewalls and security analyzers. All other details can be accessed in the Privacy Policy page of InMotion Hosting website.

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