InMotion Web Hosting Complaints: Could This Be True?

top imgIf you are scouting for good web hosts, you need to look beyond their features and services. These are things you can easily find in hundreds of hosting review websites.

What you need to keep an eye for are criticisms and evaluations made by those who actually experienced using their service. Based on a study, consumers will most likely talk about their bad experience about a service rather than the positive ones. These are the ones you need to read to avoid ending up being one of them.

inmotion webhosting

inmotionhosting logoStarted in 2001, InMotion web hosting has been providing outstanding hosting service to thousands of websites. Unlike other web hosts that offer only shared hosting services, InMotion offers a more flexible set of hosting options. It allows users to purchase more advanced hosting services such as VPS (or Virtual Private Server) and dedicated hosting.

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Its features are unmatched and for only $5.95 per month, you’ll get to experience the following services:

  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited storage
  • A free FTP account
  • Modern website builders and admin control panel
  • Shared SSL certificate
  • Google checkout
  • Get free advertising credits care of Yahoo!, Google and Bing.
  • Plus 6 parked domains and 25 subdomains

hosting complaints

writing reviews blog iconIf you want to look for user feedbacks, particularly hosting complaints, visit websites where users are allowed to freely express themselves and write authentic reviews. Most alleged hosting reviews on the web are fabricated and created by users who get commissions from other web hosting providers.

users feedbacksOne competent review site that features real hosting userswith real feedbacks is It contains thousands of review that post both good and bad experiences from each web host. You can find user reviews for InMotion in just a few clicks.

inmotion performance webhostingreviews

inmotion hosting logoFrom a general overview of InMotion reviews, you will find 74 positive reviews and 0 negative reviews. Other web hosts get at least 13 negative reviews and can reach rock-bottom to almost 200 negative feedbacks. InMotion also has 96 recommendations out of 96 reviews, a perfect score unmatched by any web hosting provider.

It also has an overall rating of 99.46% with really good ratings in the following categories: uptime and reliability, server and connection speed, technical support and knowledge, customer service and billing, and pricing. Most users commend InMotion’s customer support – a category where most web hosting providers fail. Other reviews even compared the performance of their support team to other web hosts.

support customerAlmost all articles mention the excellent quality of InMotion’s customer support. I browsed and read up to the end of thelist of articles and have found zero negative feedbacks. Only goes to show that InMotion has an untarnished name in the web hosting industry. The only issues/problems you can find on the internet that relate to InMotion Hosting are those concerning alleged InMotion coupon codes that do not work.

Several users were looking for instructions from InMotion about how to use the coupon codes they acquired, some of them through purchase. Unfortunately, InMotion does not really offer coupon codes and the alleged coupon codes were only made up by fraudulent individuals. This was clarified by InMotion itself through this statement found in their official site:

“Thank you for visiting InMotion Hosting. There are many sites throughout the web that say they offer coupons, but in fact, InMotion Hosting does not offer any coupons or promotion codes through third-party websites. At InMotion Hosting, we highly emphasize providing fast, reliable web hosting solutions and 24/7 U.S. based customer support.

Occasionally, we may run special offers and promotions, but they are not classified as coupon codes. To find out if there are any current special offers, please call us at 888.321.4678

Please be aware of other website online making misleading offers such as:

  • InMotion Coupon
  • InMotion Hosting Coupon Code
  • InMotion Hosting Coupons
  • InMotion Hosting Code
  • InMotion Hosting Promo Codes

These will finally clear the issues and will serve as a warning for customers who wish to register with any of InMotion Hosting’s services.

server with thumbs up database hostingAs stated by InMotion itself, their hosting services are not profit-based or geared towards getting as many customers as they can through coupon codes or other promotional schemes. Their foremost consideration is quality and reliable hosting services. Do not be deceived by offers that promise you great savings lest you end up losing everything on your savings account.


  1. ben pasley January 20, 2014 at 8:23 pm - Reply

    Buyer beware. If you cancel your account after the first 90 days, then they will keep all your multi-year pre-paid hosting fees and bid you farewell. They just stuck me for 7 months of prepaid hosting, refusing to issue refund, this after they botched my IP addresses and destroyed my email accounts for 10 months with never a clear announcement to me, the customer that they had changed server addresses. Yes, I was very disappointed. Buyer be very careful here, most hosting companies do offer better purchase policies, and most would not change you IP addresses mid hosting and then fail to migrate your connections internally.

  2. Luther Manning November 7, 2013 at 2:37 pm - Reply

    Had been hosting with INMOTION for over a year until June 2013, when I ran into attacks from .RU and Russian IP address’s. Contacted tech support and after many attempts to solve the problem was told “we can’t resolve the problem”.

    Moved my domain in October 2013, to another hosting company and that process took over a week due to INMOTION not releasing the domain from their servers.

    This caused major issue with my business, and at this point, it will take a long time to recover, if possible.


  3. Henry Scott October 19, 2013 at 2:54 pm - Reply

    Well, this isn’t a fake review. Feel free to contact me at [email protected] or call me at 917.335.6962 and I will confirm.

    InMotion is pretty much a disaster. Always have trouble logging in. Tech support guys say it’s because of an “authentication loop” and they’ve asked their folks to fix it. Apparently that problem is way down the list of other problem. So it isn’t fixed, and when I try to log into C-Panel I end up calling InMotion, being put on hold listening to crappy music, and having my password reset for the umpteenth time.

    They also have had the gall to shut down our site claiming some issue with it without alerting us in advance (it’s a news site and needs to be live 24/7).

    Good luck calling the guy who supposedly runs the place. Customer service says they don’t know where he’s based and don’t have a telephone number for him.

    I’m guessing the positive reviews are from their employees, who I feel sorry for given the crazy number of customer service calls they must get. AVOID!

  4. Angela September 26, 2013 at 6:38 pm - Reply

    I was with Inmotion for 2 months biggest mistake ever. I had nothing but issues from the beginning with this company. The sales person promised things that I was looking for such as a matching Facebook page but because he did not include in the paperwork I signed. I was made to feel as if I was lying about what I was telling them he informed me. I was told that I would be taught how to use my admin and Cpanel, another lie. I had to check forums and use outside sources.
    My designer went on vacation and said that she would make additional changes when she got back, but needed my site to be live before the deadline because this would help her. I agreed because she said to make a list and she would make the changes when she got back. Well despite the fact that the other requests that I had made such as having variable options for products and 3 level categories she was unable to assist me with, I took her word. When she comes back, she now states that she is no longer able to help and I have to go through the updates team or pay $90 an hour. I informed her about the Facebook page and she replies back that I would have to speak with her Supervisor. I asked them to pull the call and was informed that was not possible. My final design looks nothing like the mockup design that I was sent. At first, I felt like my designer was doing a good job, but my final product says otherwise. She setup my Google Webmaster Tools and Analytics up under an email address that was not even my email address. I asked to get that fixed and it was never fixed. I had to pay an outside source to correct. My design is up but is not attractive or what I had hoped in receiving. I was asked what colors and what I was looking for and that was not received either.
    I have not been able to import and was told to upgrade to another import tool. I did that still does not work. My account has been suspended three times and I was told the last time that I would only be able to get it reinstated would be to upgrade to a dedicated server.
    When you call customer service by phone, they are unable to assist. The only way to get help is by email, ridiculous. When you get the email, it is usually a referral to a forum or another increase for the consumer. I have not been able to spend any money on marketing because I have been adding products to my store one at a time because the exporter/importer does not work. With upgraded import, they will not assist unless I pay them $295 and the program was $135. I got another company to install the program for $25 and it works fine importing. The exporter does not work which the new program has not changed. Inmotion refused to help because I had another company install the program. When it is clear, the issue is on their side.
    I have been hung up on by customer service reps and I have spoken with Supervisors who act as if you are a bother.
    I am very disappointed with all the money that I have wasted with this company and they are saying that I still have to pay $159.95 monthly or $959.70 and I am not even using them anymore.

  5. rebeccaw March 9, 2013 at 2:54 pm - Reply

    I always check out this website before buying hosting – – My personal favourite is godaddy because they’re the simplest and usually the cheapest for new hosting packages.

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