InMotion’s cPanel Hosting

what is cpanel

Control Panel 3cPanel refers to your web host’s, in this case InMotion, control panel where users can manage and customize their website. It is a place that you will most often visit because this is where most of the tasks that are crucial to handling your web account are done. Hence, it is a much sought out feature of web hosting.

what can i do in cpanel

InMotion’s cPanel has a variety of wonderful features that users need to know to boost their ability to direct their websites to its fullest potential. They are designed to make sure that InMotion’s clients can find it convenient and easy to use.

These are the features included in the cPanel:

    • flat email iconEmail – it allows you to create, manage and modify your email accounts in a variety of ways.
    • flat file managementFile Management– in here you can backup your files and restore it in case of a system crash. It allows you access and maintenance of unlimited FTP accounts to view user logs.
    • flat server statisticsServer Statistics – it allows you to monitor performance; bandwidth usage, disk space usage, error messages, etc.
    • flat domain managementDomain Management – the cPanel provides you with tools to access and control your domain. You can arrange, manage, categorize, link and create new or add-on domains as well as filing sub-domains.
    • flat secured transactionSecured Transaction – it allows you to create log-in name and passwords. It provides safe file transfer and protection of sensitive information. In case your password is comprised, it can also block access from any external users.
    • flat server administration databaseDatabase Administration – with cPanel you can create, maintain and customise databases easily and comfortably.
    • flat advanced server featuresAdvance Server Features – this is for experienced users that requires further modifications.

What does InMotion Hosting has to offer?

InMotion Hosting is a web hosting service provider that is founded in 2001 and provides dependable web hosting solutions. Its main targets are small and medium businesses as well as personal website owners.

InMotion offers:

    • flat customer supportSuperior Customer Support – queries are answered immediately and technical problems and errors are resolve quickly and efficiently.
    • flat moneybackReasonable Price – it will only cost you $5.96 a month to avail of this premium service.
    • flat uptime guaranteeWebsite uptime of 99.9% – much, much better stats that other web hosting services.
    • flat max speed zone technologyMax Speed Zone Technology – with 3 dedicated data centres and deep peering technology you can run your website 6x faster. You can also choose which data centre will host your website to further maximize performance.
    • flat server upgradesServer Upgrades – unlike other hosting providers, InMotion allows users to upgrade server plans that will fit their current need.
    • flat reasonable price90 day money-back guarantee – the company’s long refund period shows that they are secure in the knowledge that what they provide meets customer satisfaction.

Is it worth it for me to go buy InMotion Hosting’s services?

monitor with inmothon hosting logoInMotion Hosting has been around for a decade and has survived some of the most trying times in American History that has seen top institutions go bankrupt. This tells a lot of the dependability and reliability of InMotion as a company. The last thing you or anybody wants is for their web hosting provider to suddenly fold and leave them with no access to their own website.

It also invests heavily in hardware and software technologies to provide its client with high-speed data transfer and upload time. Since speed can influence search rank, going faster would enable you and your website to gain better standings.

domain globe iconInMotion is usually placed by critics as among the top 3 best web hosting service providers. It generally receives favourable reviews sighting it user-friendly interfaces, excellent support services, flexible plans and longer uptime. If you are looking for a trustworthy web hosting service this can definitely be a worthy investment.

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