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Today, if your business does not have web presence, then you are not a business at all. Most of us do our shopping online or at least get to learn about a product through web pages and social media networks like Twitter and Facebook. eCommerce is a larger need these days since you really need to expand your network. When we say eCommerce, what do we really mean?

This means being able to:

checkCreate an attractive, easy to use and reliable site
checkProvide a safe and fast way to process payments so that sales are secured in just a few minutes
checkPresent your products in an easy to understand way to facilitate a better sales experience
checkPromote your services so that the rest of the world knows about your products
checkLink your web site to social networking sites so that you get as much traction as possible

These things may sound too much but with the right inclusions in your web hosting plan, no matter how affordable it is, can easily give you a big boost for the launch or the rebooting of your online pages.


One of the most important things you get with every iPage account is social marketing and search engine credits. To be specific, this means:

g-icon$100 Google Adwords

y-icon$25 Yahoo OR Bing search credits

f-icon$50 Facebook advertising credits

n-iconYellow Pages free business listing

These will go a long way and would be a great addition to your existing marketing budget. If you don’t have your marketing budget then these freebies will be your sole fund to advertise and tell the world about your web site.



Every iPage account has a shopping cart provided. You do not need to create your own shopping cart (which often takes at least 2 months to manually develop and test). Having a built in shopping cart that is FREE to use speeds up your development schedule and at the same time, gives you peace of mind that the ready-made shopping cart is also being used by other stores.

Online shoppers want a fast and easy way to process a sale and having a ready-made cart handle this for you allows you to focus on other things regarding your site, like its content.


Along with a shopping cart, you need to have a secured and trustworthy payment gateway facility to:

checkTake the credit card details and keep them secure (fraud is so prevalent these days)
checkProvide a recognizable payment gateway that online shoppers already know how to use


Having the ability to accept credit card payments can easily boost the traffic and sales of your site. If you will require your buyers to deposit payments through bank accounts, it is bothersome for them and for you to keep track of every sales made.

But if you have a payment facility for credit cards, everything is automated and you cant help but feel like you are one of the “big guys” when it comes to online shopping. It makes your site look more legit, trustworthy and reliable.



SSL certificates for your site means that every online transaction you make is much more secure than regular ones. Everyone is aware of how fraud is done over the net and seeing that your site has updated SSL certificates would make you appear more trustworthy.



Apart from making sure that your site functions well in terms of processing payments and security, you first need to make it attractive and easy to use. This is where site building templates come in. You can go ahead and install WordPress to your site (this can help, too) but if you do not know how to do this, you can always go with the templates provided by the iPage team.

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