iPage Free Domain Name and Renewal Pricing

Before you say YES to your prospective hosting provider, ask them first what does the FREE DOMAIN include?

Is it free forever? Or free for just a year?

What happens if you do not renew your contract with them? Can you take the domain with you?

Here’s my recommendation for you:

Don’t pay for the domain at all.

Not only does eHost offer a better overall hosting and website building experience… eHost gives you a FREE domain for LIFE.

To top it off, they offer a low monthly payment option. This is unique in the affordable web hosting world, as most hosting providers charge for a full year or more up front.




Every iPage shared web hosting account gives you ONE FREE DOMAIN for a year. This can be your first domain or this can be an additional domain on top of what you already have.

For first time web site administrators, this can even be your test domain until you have settled on what name you really want to call your service. Whatever you decide to call your web site, one domain is given for free for every iPage account sign up.


To help you review the terms of the iPage domain registration agreement, here are some of the most important key sections of their document:

checkDomain is given for free AFTER you have agreed to the iPage terms and conditions
checkAll fees regarding the domain will be coursed through iPage and this includes the registration, your domain renewal (if applicable) and other fees
checkAll of the information that you give iPage for the domain will simply be forwarded to the domain registration body. No adjustments will be done by the iPage team
checkDomains are subject to availability

checkIf your desired domain is already registered to someone else, in accordance to ICANN, you cannot register the same domain.
checkIn the event that you are not able to pay for the domains come renewal time, iPage reserves the right to sell the domain to other parties if obligations are not met on time.



This really depends. Most domains are cheapest when they are just the .com versions like www.onlineshoppingforgirls.com but once you have the country extension involved like .us, .uk or .jp, then it becomes slightly more expensive. Government extensions like .gov needs prior approval before being given to organizations.

To give you a clearer idea on how much domains would cost you, most domains would cost less than $5 per year to start and the price may go down if you register a domain for more than 1 year at a time. The advantage of this is that you are getting more bang for your buck BUT if you do not think that you will need a long-term domain, it is more cost effective to just buy and renew every year until you are sure that you need it for more than a year.


Some domains start at $7.99 for the registration and in some cases like in GoDaddy.com, hosting solutions are bundled with the domain prices.


Along with the free domain registration, you also get unlimited data traffic and storage, unlimited email accounts, website template builder, WordPress-support plus 24/7 support for your inquiries. You also have access to a library of scripts for your site, Facebook and Google marketing credits plus some other inclusions like:

  • Access to an online store to help set up eCommerce sites
  • Free security suite
  • Powered by 100% green (wind) energy
  • Costs only $1.99 per month

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