iPage FTP Guide

ftp-big-iconSome websites require certain files in order to function properly. These files are stored in the web server of the hosting provider. The volume and size of these files vary and can reach high figures. Managing these files can be a bit difficult and moving them from one place to another may take lots of time and resources. Thankfully, FTPs are there to take care of them.Line-9


FTP is the acronym for File Transfer Protocol. It is a type of network protocol that is used for transferring files from one computer/host to another over a network, usually the Internet. It can handle huge amounts of files through a more organized and secured transfer. You must be familiar with the concept of downloading and uploading on the internet.

Location-FTP-iconFTP has basically the same function, to transfer files from your computer to a website or other hosts and vice versa. The only difference is that FTP allows a computer to directly connect with a server through its FTP address thereby allowing faster rates of file transfer and enables it to process larger chunks of files.

In web hosting, FTP is also an important factor. Your website hosted by a web hosting provider may need files stored locally on your computer. These may include audios, videos, databases or source files that you personally created or are located in your hard drive. Uploading them your website is not possible without using an FTP client.


iPage webhosting around the worldIf you are familiar with web hosting, then you already know what iPage is. iPage is a web host which is usually found on the list of top 10 web hosting providers published by several web hosting review websites. And in some of them, iPage even sits on the top spot for quality web hosting service. iPage has existed for decades and has hosted millions of websites to date, and thousands more are created each day.

green feedbackiPage also receives excellent feedbacks from its users and scores high ratings from thousands of customers.


ipage gtp packegeiPage offers different hosting plans to match the needs of website owners. Some of them already include FTP so you better check under the features of the hosting plan you wish to purchase whether FTP is in fact on the list. iPage hosting packages with FTP will automatically set up and configure your FTP account to allow the uploading and downloading of files through its FTP client.

To use your integrated FTP client, you will need the following:

blue 1User ID or Login Name and Password–because iPage uses what they call “single-access” policy, the username and password for your FTP account is also the username and password you use to login to your iPage hosting account. This will save you the trouble of having to memorize multiple passwords and usernames on the same web hosting account.

blue 2IP Address or Host Name of iPage – This is where your FTP client will connect and upload files and also the directory where all your files related to iPage are stored. The FTP address for iPage is “ftp.ipage.com”.You can verify whether you have successfully connected to iPage once you see your websites resources on the directory folder of your FTP client.


libreng eftipi clientsIf your iPage hosting package does not come with FTP, your alternative is to use external FTP clients. There are lots of FTP clients available on the web for free. You only need to download and install them on your local computer, and connect to the FTP address of iPage which is ftp.ipage.com. Some of these free FTP clients are FileZilla, Fire FTP, CyberDuck, Win SCP and Coffee Cup. All of them are compatible with iPage. In fact, you can find video tutorials on the iPage knowledgebase online which can guide you through using each of these FTP clients.

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