iPage Money Back Guarantee

guarantees01A money-back guarantee, also called a “Satisfaction Guarantee”, is a stipulation that in case the buyer is not satisfied with the seller’s service, he can get a refund of what he has paid for. Usually, this privilege is only available for a limited period of time after the purchase and can no longer be invoked after said period expires. In the web hosting industry, money-back guarantees are also present since commercial web hosting is actually a form of sale of service.


ipage web hostingsIf you are familiar with web hosting, then you already know what iPage is. iPage is a web host which is usually found on the list of top 10 web hosting providers published by several web hosting review websites. And in some of them, iPage even sits on the top spot for quality web hosting service. iPage has existed for decades and has hosted millions of websites to date, and thousands more are created each day.

green feedbackiPage also receives excellent feedbacks from its users and scores high ratings from thousands of customers. Its wide array of features include unlimited storage space, unlimited bandwidth, free domain name registration and transfer for the first year, one-click web applications installer, an integrated web server, and tons of scripts and other applications you can add on your site with just a few clicks.

draftThese could be the reasons why you decided to have your own website hosted on iPage. So if I were you, I would think twice, thrice or several times before deciding to cancel the iPage account. Transferring your site to another web host can be a lot costly and troublesome than starting another website from scratch.

the iPage User Agreement title

Under Section 2 (b), subparagraph i of your iPage User Agreement, you will find that you, as a user, can actually cancel your iPage account. I quote:

This Agreement may be terminated or cancelled at any time by either party (Including by You, if you receive notice of an amendment to this Agreement) by giving the other party thirty (30) days prior written notice ”…

cancel subscriptionThis confirms that you can also cancel your iPage account at any time. However, as to the other question of how much you will pay or how much you will receive, the answer depends on whether your registration has a money-back guarantee.

With 30-day Money-back Guarantee title

credit-cards-iconIf you are an iPage account owner with a 30-day Money-back Guarantee, iPage will be the one to pay you even if you were the one who initiated the cancellation provided this is done within the stipulated period of thirty (30) days. Section 2 (b), subparagraph i of the iPage User Agreement further states:

If an account with a thirty (30) day money-back guarantee is purchased and cancelled within thirty (30) days of sign-up, the User will, upon request, receive a full refund of all hosting fees. Requests for these refunds should be made through our Support Team.

iconMONEYThat answers how much you will get, a full refund of all hosting fees. However, under the same provision it states that the refund will not include (1) the domain registration fees, and (2) any fees for additional services that are purchased in the first thirty (30) days. More importantly, the 30-day Money-back Guarantee is only available to those with credit-card payments.

The thirty (30) day money-back guarantee is valid for credit-card payments only. Due to the costs associated with processing payments made by other methods, we are not able to offer the thirty (30) day money-back guarantee for other payment methods.

Without a Money-back Guarantee title

no refund credit-card-iconAs mentioned above, those who did not pay through credit cards will not get a money-back guarantee, meaning you will not receive anything. On the contrary, you are the one who is required to pay iPage for cancellation fees which has a minimum of $35.00. Note that this provision also applies to those with 30-day Money-back Guarantee who initiates the cancellation outside the said 30-day period.

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