iPage MySQL Database Tutorial


mysql-databaseeEver wondered how your Facebook account keeps all your personal information including the tons of pictures and videos you posted on your account? Or how your email account provider organizes and displays all your email messages? They all share the same process for storing information from users. And this process is called Database Management.

If your website intends to keep user information or other records, then you also need to set up databases on your site and install a Database Management System on your hosting account. One of the most commonly used Database Management System is MySQL. And it is also available in iPage.


databasesThe famous MySQL actually refers to a kind of Relational Database Management System (or simply RDBMS) designed for creating and managing databases. It serves as an interface between the user and the raw data stored in databases allowing you to create, delete, modify or organize all entries in the database.A single MySQL will be able to create and process an unlimited number of tables. And each table contains records/entries of raw information such as the usernames of all users in the website.

Note: however that some web hosts actually have a limit on the number of MySQL databases which can be created due to storage restrictions. You do not have to worry about this if you are registered with iPage since both the MySQL Database and Storage Capacity in all its hosting plans are unlimited.


iPage gets an excellent score when it comes to database hosting. User feedbacks are in unison in saying that iPage has one of the fastest and most reliable database hosting service so far. Let us try to find out the reasons why.

blue checkUnlimited MySQL Databases –As mentioned earlier, iPage offers unlimited number of MySQL Databases. Other web hosting providers usually offer between 200 – 2000 MySQL Databases only. Having unlimited number of allowable databases is a definite advantage since it avoids the risk of information losses due to excess in database creation. A website placed with database restrictions may encounter problems when its RDBM creates databases in excess of the cap placed by the hosting provider. Also, your site’s function and operation will also be limited by the number of databases it is allowed to create.

blue checkHigh Quality Web Servers –Database hosting requires a lot of resources from its web servers. With iPage, this is no problem because it has Dell Servers on its arsenal. Dell Servers are considered one of the best servers available in the market and is best for handling huge amount of information. It uses the so-called load balancing technology to ensure that internet speed will not be sacrificed to accommodate the needs of several web hosting accounts.

blue checkMySQL Database –iPage also has a reliable database management system since it uses MySQL Database. MySQL Database is easy-to-use and has a user-friendly interface. Because it is popular and widely used, most web masters are already familiar with using MySQL software. Troubleshooting problems is also made easy since a lot of MySQL users share their experiences and knowledge online.

blue checkThe PhpMyAdmin Software –iPage uses what is known as phpMyAdmin to manage MySQL databases. This is a free application based on PHP integrated with your iPage hosting account. This tool allows you to control and manage all MySQL Databases and perform essential functions like creating or deleting databases/tables; importing/exporting databases and tables; copying, inserting, renaming, modifying or deleting fields on your MySQL tables/database and a lot more.PhpMyAdmin is easy to learn. You may visit the official site of iPage and view tons of phpMyAdmin tutorials to manage your own database.

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