iPage PHP Specification

What is PHP Hypertext Pre-processor? It is a basic scripting language for developing dynamic website – something that an ordinary HTML cannot provide such as:


  • collecting user information
  • interacting with MySQL databases
  • performing calculations
  • creating graphics

This is usually used for business site with e-commerce that needs to record user data and needs a shopping cart feature. Online shops are really big right now, and it is common to see this shopping cart feature on most of these sites. Examples of e-commerce websites with such feature are Amazon.com and ebay.com

iPage and its PHP Hosting Service TITLE

x_icon_shared_phpAs one of the most preferred web hosting companies in the industry today, iPage also boasts of reliable PHP hosting. It offers one of the best low-cost services that are favored by a lot of web developers everywhere. This is because iPage has the ability to use both PHP 4 and PHP 5 versions – you can even switch in between two versions whenever you feel like it by simply modifying your preference on the control panel.

updatesIconUnlike other hosts, iPage also has the ability to automatically perform updates. This is very important as it reduces security risks and avoids future incompatibilities. With iPage PHP, you can also avail of a wide variety of inclusions and freebies in services such as:

  • free domain name
  • website builder tool
  • marketing credit
  • unlimited hosting
  • bandwidth space
  • unlimited databases
  • you can also enjoy a money-back guarantee (for a given period)

While the freebies mentioned above are great inclusions, you have to note that iPage support system is designed for seasoned web developers. This may confuse first timers or beginner web developers in using PHP scripts. It is advised for the latter to use the latest version of PHP which is PHP 5 or later.

Extra Guidelines for iPage PHP Users TITLE

php iconTo help you maximize your iPage PHP website, make sure to review that iPage supporting servers and system are compatible with the PHP code compilation options and variables. This is to ensure that no future complications due to incompatibility will occur once you start running your iPage PHP script.

To know more about the PHP script and its iPage compatibility, you can check the documentation at the iPage website. These contain guidelines in using PHP and acceptable file extensions. For further information, you can also contact their support team via live chat.

emblem-importantIt is also important to note that restrictions apply for these scripts. The maximum memory for scripts is 64MB for PHP CMS applications. These numbers can be changed in the php.ini, as long as it does not exceed the memory provided. Also, remember that PHP/CGI/PERL scripts are allowed for only 60 seconds run time limit. Otherwise, your script will be automatically stopped if it does not run within this time limit.

Skills for the Scripts TITLE

php TricksTo be able to manage and troubleshoot your script in the future, it is best to know a few tricks and skills on this subject. Even the most basic skills is enough in helping you manage various languages. Know the basics of languages such as PHP, Python, ASP, PERL and CGI as iPage cannot support custom code or scripts.

php_expertFor a more advanced or complicated scripting for your website, it will be better to hire an expert or a professional to do it for you. Look for web developers with vast experience on scripts. This will save you time and will assure you that everything about your website will be taken care for, especially since your website will be used for business. Remember, though iPage may give you all the support you need for your website, it is only for hosting and not for scripting.

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